euro cine expo

SWIT Europe showcased a series of new products and solutions at EURO CINE EXPO Booth 2-005

Jun 8, 2023

During the NAB Show in April this year, SWIT displayed more than ten new products and solutions at one time, attracting the attention of many professionals. These new products include batteries, chargers, camera accessories, monitors, lighting, etc. Now, SWIT has brought these solutions to Europe, and many products will meet European users for the very first time.

BM-U325MD reference monitor received a lot of attention once it was shown in April. SWIT’s unique high color gamut, high brightness, local-dimming panel makes this product the most unique product in the industry. As the flagship product of SWIT, this monitor is not only suitable for the requirements of high-end TV production, but also meets the monitoring needs of film post-production.

K7 professional cine monitor is a new small camera-top monitor that SWIT showed for the first time after many years. This monitor features a 7-inch 1500 nits high-brightness touch screen, and an all-metal housing. SWIT consulted the opinions of 300+ DPs and ACs to ensure the accuracy of K7’s operation logic and perfect functions.

VOLTA power station is a modular concept product. It consists of a control unit and the battery module. VOLTA has two versions of the control unit, AC and DC, to suit different usage requirements. The stackable battery module design allows you to configure different capacities for different tasks. And it also makes VOLTA not only easy to repair, but you don’t have to replace the whole product after the battery performance degrades. This reduces costs and is more environmentally friendly.

MATRIX wall charger is a multi-channel high-speed charger designed for production companies, rental houses, and live production missions. The charging speed of 8x100W can provide an unparalleled charging and management experience for SWIT’s full range of batteries.

New NDI-EFP system is a professional NDI solution provided for professional broadcast production after SWIT deepened its cooperation with Newtek. This system consists of Camera adapter, Intercom control unit and Tally system. It can provide high-quality image transmission up to 4K60P and PGM Return in a complex network environment. Paired with SWIT’s professional NDI monitors, this system can greatly reduce the cost of multi-camera live production.

Radiolux professional wireless DMX control system adopts LoRa technology with low power consumption and high stability. Due to the low frequency of 800-900MHz, Radiolux can resist interference in complex electromagnetic environments. Also, SWIT provides Radiolux and CRMX light adapters for users to use different wireless DMX solutions.

SWIT’s new studio lighting product line offers more possibilities for studio construction. The entire product line is composed of CL series panel lights and FL series spotlights. At present, SWIT provides studio lighting installation services in some regions, and provides professional lighting design solutions worldwide. With a new studio lighting product line, SWIT provides customers with a design-product-service solution.

The SWIT European team based in Düsseldorf, Germany. For seven years, the SWIT European team has been working closely with professional film and television industry partners in Europe to understand and meet the needs of local customers. They always uphold the concept of high quality, timely response and environmental sustainability, and provide customers with the best solutions and excellent after-sales services.