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Euro Cine Expo includes a comprehensive programme of Seminars, Panel Discussions and Presentations across the event. Full details will be posted here as soon as they are announced. Our schedule celebrates the art and technology of cinematography, and will include interviews & Q&As with top level DPs as well as technical presentations.

seminars at euro cine expo

Our 2022 edition included these panels:


Green Film Shooting Panel

Green panel: how can filming become more sustainable?

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We all need to look after Planet Earth. Cutting carbon emissions is crucial because it also means cutting costs, and energy-efficiency needs to become the green currency for the film and broadcast industry. Thanks to legal regulations and green taxonomy, sustainability will become the new normal.

During this session, moderated by Birgit Heidsiek, CEO of Green Film Shooting, the panelists will discuss how green requirements can be turned into solutions.

Cinematographers, gaffers, production managers and producers can take a wide variety of measures to reduce their carbon footprints as well as their energy costs. Various companies, plus green start-ups, are already providing the film and media industry with eco-innovations. Energy-efficient LED lighting is a win-win situation for the environment as well as the budget, and reliable, clean, low-noise on- set electric power supply from batteries and renewable sources is now ever more viable.

Saving energy and avoiding waste also includes the careful use of materials. Recycling resources, refurbishing and rehousing high-end film equipment, such as vintage lenses, provides artistic advantages as well as environmentally friendly benefits. The circular economy will become a best practice for the film and broadcast industry.


Exhibitor Presentation


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Sponsored by Sony and Munich-based production house Kropac Media GmbH, this session will provide a fascinating insight into virtual production shooting with Sony Venice/Venice 2 cameras and Sony’s high-performance Crystal LED wall technology.

Virtual production using LED walls is the latest innovation to sweep into the film industry – helping filmmakers to shoot at far- flung locations and to create their VFX in-camera, but without weather problems and costs of travel, and the trouble lighting for blue or greenscreen.

Join Sony and Berti Kropac, director and cinematographer, as he talks about his considerable experience of using virtual production on over 50 commercials, corporate films and social media clips.


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Band Pro & Angénieux Present…The Optimo Lens Family


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Band Pro has specialised in products and solutions for professional filmmakers and videographers for many years. Its long-standing partnerships with camera and lens-makers, mean that Band Pro has remained at the forefront of the newest developments in digital cinema.

At a special seminar session, Band Pro together with much- loved lens manufacturer Angénieux will showcase the complete, Full Frame Angénieux Optimo family of lenses – including the brand new Optimo Prime and Optimo Ultra Compact Zoom lenses, and the infinite possibilities of the IOP (Integrated Optical Palette) technology for create incredible, custom looks.

The Optimo Prime series is part of Angénieux’s latest high-end lens collection and is the result of decades of proven experience and know- how in high-precision optics and mechanics. Each lens in the 12-piece series (from 18mm to 200mm) is designed to be incredibly compact and lightweight, most of them at a fast T1.8.

Based on cinematographer feedback, the series provides metadata (Cooke i/data, LDS) and unique user- features such as replaceable iris blade unit, internal glass optical element and rear filter.

band pro



CURATED BY cinematography world

Vittorio Storaro AIC ASC talks about his life in film-making

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Ron Prince, editor-in-chief, Cinematography World, will be talking with the world-renowned, three-time Academy Award-winning cinematographer Vittorio Storaro AIC ASC, joining live from Rome, about his life in filmmaking and his stellar career spanning over six decades, with his most recent work in remastering the films he shot for Bernardo Bertolucci – including The Conformist, Last Tango In Paris and The Last Emperor. Vittorio will also be launching his book titled “Storaro On Bertolucci’s Movies”, where we will have a limited number of exclusive signed copies available on-site at Euro Cine Expo.

Vittorio Storaro


Diversity & inclusion panel

Cinegirl International Cinematography Panel Discussion

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Moderator: Fran Zerenghi

What it takes to work in the camera department.
What’s the best career decision you’ve ever made?
How to maintain a work-life balance.
What it takes to stay in the industry.
Let’s talk about mental-health.



Curated by Cinematography World

DP Armin Franzen on shooting Das Boot S3 in 8K – Sponsored by RED Digital Cinema

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Armin will be talking to Ron Prince, editor-in-chief of Cinematography World, about his experience shooting Season 3 of Das Boot – one of the world’s first adventures into end-to-end 8K production, post and distribution, shot using Red cameras.

Armin Franzen resides in Berlin, and works in various countries as a director of photography in feature-fiction and commercial-advertising. During his studies in cinematography at the renowned Filmacademy Baden-Württemberg, Armin collected three nominations for the German Cinematography Award (Deutscher Kamerapreis). After receiving the scholarship from Baden-Württemberg, he spent one year at equally-renowned Polish National Film School in Lodz, Poland
In 2008, he was awarded the Kodak Cinematography Award for Kronos and his ‘outstanding achievement in cinematography- and lighting-composition during his studies’, and in 2009 was awarded with the German Cinematography Award for Kronos.

His key credits include Gladbeck (2018), Rammstein Deutschland (2019) and How To Sell Drugs Online (Fast) (2019). Armin also shot the first five episodes of Das Boot (season 3) in 8K, for Bavaria Fictio/Sky/Samsung.

Das Boot season 3 was released in most Sky markets in May 2022. The 8K version is currently only available on the Samsung TV Plus streaming service on Samsung 8K TVs

RED Digital Cinema is a leading manufacturer of professional digital cameras and accessories. RED’s latest technology includes the highly advanced V-RAPTOR 8K VV, the first camera in the DSMC3 generation, and the KOMODO 6K– which features a global shutter sensor in a shockingly small and versatile form factor.


Exhibitor Presentation


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First came fire, then came light… Then came feeling, then came sight.” (Lou Reed). This inspirational session, moderated by Jakob Ballinger, founder of Lightbridge, will investigate how to feel, see, communicate and use light for maximal emotional impact.

Light has been used to enhance stories since humans felt the need to communicate feelings – although we can’t actually see light. We can only see light when it reflects off objects, and we can only create emotions if we feel the light that surrounds us.

Jakob, a former gaffer, wants to stimulate ideas and give inspiration to the lighting community in his seminars – and will talk about how the great masters of art can help you understand the fundamentals of lighting.

He believes we need to stay curious and concentrate on what really matters – humans and their emotions, and how to advance the art and craft lighting for storytelling today and the next generations to come.



Industry partner Presentation

IMAGO TECHNICAL COMMITTEE (ITC) – the power of knowledge and intuition in all the creative aspects of cinematography


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This promises to be a superb session with a stellar line-up! Whether it’s pre-production meetings, dealing with VFX or colour grading, the role of the cinematographer still raises serious questions. Also, the digital age has given rise to fantastic tools and artistic possibilities, but there’s still confusion about numbers, such as pixel counts, and a common language to define the tools/processes and artistic intentions. Even preserving films is not so simple in this new world either. Never mind the design of new digital sensors.

Philippe Ros AFC

The session will be led by ITC co-chairs, Aleksej Berkovic RGC and Philippe Ros AFC, with cinematographers Joe Dunton BSC MBE, Juan Antonio Fernandez AEC, Stefan Grandinetti BVK, Kommer Kleijn SBC, Roberto Schaefer ASC, AIC, David Stump ASC – Motion Imaging Technology Council, ITC co-chair and colour scientist Charles Poynton will also joining, via Zoom.

Aleksej Berkovic RGC

Together, the ITC will present its latest achievements and projects – including the photon path workflow diagram, approved by many manufacturers; the glossary of terms that is helping to unify manufacturers and camera/lighting technicians; future camera design; plus a discussion about the power of knowledge and intuition in all creative aspects of cinematography.

Daniel Siragusano

Daniel Siragusano, image engineer at FilmLight, will also take part, and will present the Photon Path diagram he designed for the the ITC and the production/post production community worldwide.