euro cine expo

Join BVK to network and learn at Euro Cine Expo 2023

May 24, 2023

Berufsverband Kinematografie, the German Society of Cinematographers – extends an invitation to fellow cinematography societies around the globe to join it for networking and learning opportunities at this year’s Euro Cine Expo in Munich from 30th June – 1st July.

Working in partnership with Euro Cine Expo organisers, BVK has curated a series of presentations over the two days of the show, as well as hosting a special meet and greet reception.

The German Society of Cinematographers (BVK) is the official representative of directors of photography and the whole camera department in Germany. With more than 50 supporting companies, the society offers an excellent professional network in the field of manufacturers and service providers.

The following sessions will take place during the event:

Understanding and using HDR

Using the possibilities of HDR (High Dynamic Range) in production is still associated with fears and reservations among some DoPs. There is no rational reason for this – you just have to take a serious look at the system. The workshop with Christian Saure AAC/BVK & Felix Huesken AAC/BVK offers two opportunities for this on each of the two ECE days. Watch, listen, understand.

Artificial Intelligence and Cinematography – Chances and Risks

Great expectations and many fears accompany the penetration of AI into the field of moving image production. Currently, there are discussions everywhere about what this means for the work in our industry. Felix Huesken BVK works as a colourist and is intensively involved with the phenomenon of AI and its applications in film. In his lecture and presentation, he shows that AI can already do a lot today, but that the function of the DoP is by no means obsolete when it comes to the visual telling of stories or the observation of real events.

The Rental Dilemma… – and no way out?
BVK Industry Forum for Supporting Members

(Confidential background discussion and light lunch with member companies – by special invitation)

In a moderated discussion behind closed doors, the focus will be on the current situation in the German rental market and ways to improve opportunities and margins for rental companies. How does price dumping or volume dumping take revenge? Why does confrontation damage the reputation of all parties involved? How can constructive approaches be found and developed? Why does cannibalisation in rental harm manufacturers and suppliers?
Open discussion – moderated by the Managing Director of BVK.