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“I of The Lens” Photo Exhibition coming to Euro Cine Expo 2024 in Munich

Jun 13, 2024

A unique exhibit showcasing the external and internal expression of a cinematographer.

IMAGO Camera, the world’s only analogue, large format camera designed for life-sized, self-portraits, is set to captivate audiences with an extraordinary exhibition featuring stunning black and white portraits of cinematographers from across the globe. This collection, curated by Vika Safrigina, producer and Susanna Kraus, the visionary artist behind IMAGO Camera, will be on display at the Euro Cine Expo in Munich, June 27-29.

The IMAGO Camera is a true interactive object d’art and transcends traditional photography by allowing cinematographers to step into the spotlight and become authors of their own images. This unique walk-in camera was invented by the physicist Werner Kraus and artist Erhard Hoesle in 1972 in Munich, 20 years before the IMAGO federation was founded. As photographer and subject converge, each sitter transforms into the artist behind the lens, creating captivating self-portraits that reveal a unique perspective of themselves.

In partnership with IMAGO — International Federation of Cinematographers’ Diversity and Inclusion Committee, SUMOLIGHT lighting solutions, and Leitz Cine, the exhibition aims to celebrate the diversity of filmmakers who breathe life into the grand canvas of the movie screen.

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