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I of the Lens – IMAGO Camera

A unique exhibit showcasing both the external and internal expression of a cinematographer

The IMAGO Camera, the world’s only analogue, large format camera designed for life-sized, self-portraits, captivated audiences in Berlin this February when it showcased for the first time an extraordinary exhibition featuring stunning black and white portraits of cinematographers from across the globe.

This groundbreaking display which was curated by Vika Safrigina, producer and Susanna Kraus, the visionary artist behind IMAGO Camera will be presenting a selection of 26 images from the original exhibition to be presented at Euro Cine Expo in Hall 1 (Kohlebunker) just beyond the registration area .

The IMAGO Camera is a true interactive object d’art and transcends traditional photography by allowing cinematographers to step into the spotlight and become authors of their own images. This unique walk-in camera was invented by the physicist Werner Kraus and artist Erhard Hoesle in 1972 in Munich. As photographer and subject converge, each sitter transforms into the artist behind the lens, creating captivating self-portraits that reveal a unique perspective of themselves.

The exhibition will showcase the life-sized portraits of distinguished cinematographers such as Lawrence Sher, ASC; Bojana Andric, SAS; Teresa Medina, AEC; Markus Forderer, ASC; Martin Ruhe, ASC; Balazs Bolygo, BSC; Ashley Barron, ACS; and many more.