Euro Cine Expo

exhibitor list 2022

MUNICH • 1 – 2 JULY • 2022

Ambient Recording Gmbh - Stand 506

Ambient products help creating great film sound and save you valuable time in post-production since more than 30 years.

Our Lockit Timecode family is the industry standard. Our QuickPole series of boom poles can be found on film sets all over the world. And our hydrophones bring the sound of the underwater world to the surface. All made in Germany.

Our latest Lockit generation are far more than just highly accurate timecode generators. They can also be used as loggers (to mark good and bad takes directly on set) and metadata recorders (e.g. collecting lens metadata from Cookie /i optics).

Aputure - Stand 212

Aputure was founded in 2005 by a team of inspired filmmakers and videographers who wanted to create high quality content. Today, Aputure sells globally with offices in the US, Europe and Asia. It is one of the fastest growing cinema technology companies, designing and specializing in lighting and Light modifiers. As a part of the creative community, Aputure continues to develop for the ever-expanding needs of budding artists and professionals alike.

ARRI - Stand 220

“Inspiring images. Since 1917.” ARRI is a global player within the motion picture industry, employing around 1,200 staff worldwide. Named after its founders August Arnold and Robert Richter, ARRI was established in Munich, Germany, where the headquarters is still located today. Other subsidiaries are in Europe, North and South America, Asia, and Australia. 

The ARRI Group consists of the business units Camera Systems, Lighting, and Rental, all dedicated to connecting creativity and future technologies for moving images. ARRI is a leading designer and manufacturer of camera and lighting systems as well as system solutions for the film, broadcast, and media industries, with a worldwide distribution and service network. The portfolio includes digital cameras, lenses, camera accessories, archive technologies, lamp heads, and lighting accessories. Along with offering exclusive technologies, ARRI Rental’s first-class services and equipment provide camera, lighting, and grip packages to professional productions around the world. 

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has recognized ARRI’s engineers and their contributions to the industry with 19 Scientific and Technical Awards. 

For locations and more information, please visit




Astera LED Technology- Stand 112

Astera is a German hardware, software and manufacturing specialist. Since the mind-2000s, Astera has been producing battery powered, remote controlled LED lights. In 2007 Astera moved its factory from Germany to Shenzhen/China, the worldwide hub of LED technology and electronic innovation. True to its roots, Astera only manufactures battery-powered lights and accessories. Over the years the company kept adding features and new technologies to its lights. A range of battery spotlights has been used to illuminate numerous world-famous events. In 2018, Astera noticed an increasing demand from the media industry for portable lights that can be used to shoot movies, commercials, music videos etc and decided to build a product dedicated for this market. Astera got in touch with gaffers and cinematographers and with their help developed the award-winning Titan Tube.
For the coming years, several unique products are under development. Astera loves to listen to customers and with their help develop well thought-through products that help customers to express their creativity and that professionals enjoy using.

Backstage Equipment Inc - Stand 404

Backstage Equipment Inc, has been designing and manufacturing equipment handling carts and accessories for the Film and Television industry since 1979.

Contact us by telephone on 020 8493 8383 or visit for more information.

BandPro - Stand 324

Band Pro Munich is specialized in products and solutions for professional filmmakers and videographers. We offer the highest level of knowledge and expertise along with the finest equipment and accessories available. At Band Pro Munich we believe in partnering with our customers and offering them education, technical support and equipment service, not just a product in a box. Known for our long-running support for Sony cameras and being a premier CineAlta VENICE reseller, Band Pro also sells, distributes and supports brands like Angenieux, IB/E Optics, SmallHD, Teradek, FXLion, Easyrig, Orca Bags, Inovativ, Kupo Grip and Lightstar.

Bebob Factory GmbH - Stand 120

For more than 25 years, bebob stands for premium camera accessories, technical innovations and proven quality „made in Germany“. Founded in 1995, the battery manufactory is today one of the most renowned producers in the film technology industry. Tens of thousands of bebob batteries and chargers are currently in use at film and TV studios all over the world. The production process always meets the highest quality standards – be it in bebob’s own factory or at selected suppliers in the Munich area.

The product portfolio of bebob includes V-Mount, B-Mount® and Gold Mount compatible Batteries, Micro Batteries, Chargers, Adapters and Hot Swap Adapters. Innovative solutions such as the extraordinarily compact Vmicro and Amicro Batteries or the CUBE 1200 (a Multi-Voltage Li-Ion Battery with an extraordinary power capacity of 1176Wh and built-in charger) support bebob’s excellent reputation. Recently, bebob introduced the new B-Mount® battery interface, which has been developed in close consultation with ARRI.

Why bebob?

The most renowned TV broadcasters and film technology rental companies worldwide trust in bebob’s high-quality camera accessories. During the years, the battery manufactory developed a lot of „bebob typical“ features that are still setting standards today – such as:

  • Virtually unbreakable batteries
  • Replaceable cells
  • Twist D-Tap
  • CINE V-Mount

Aside from a lot of customer-friendly innovations, bebob’s reputation is based on outstanding product quality. The manufactory produces all batteries and chargers inhouse or at long-standing, trusted partners in and around Munich.

For more information:

Address: Höglwörther Str. 350, D-81379 München

Telephone: 49 (0)89/ 8563 485 0


Web: or

Betteries - Stand 208

betteries is a profit for impact start-up based in Berlin, Germany, that upcycles batteries from electric vehicles into sustainable power systems to avert climate change and protect valuable resources – fully embracing the principles of a circular economy.

betteries products are mobile, modular, multi-purpose and connected to the internet. They are equally suitable for productive use in developing countries as well as developed economies. Modularity allows us to offer power systems from 2kWh to 240 kWh, always based on the same building block with seven 2nd-life battery modules. The cloud connectivity of the battery solutions on our proprietary platform allows us to offer additional services ranging from basic asset monitoring and tracking to predictive capabilities enabled by the latest machine learning and AI technologies. At the end of their productive 2nd life use, the batteries are then sent to a recycling partner.



Betz-Tools GmbH / MK-V - Stand 416

Steadicam / AR / Wave and other  Camera Stabilizer Sytems



Black Tek - Stand 202

Black-Tek specialises in lightweight grip equipment.

Our suction-cup system allows fast and easy car rigging.

Combine it with the Black-Tek Tower and built your own Camera car out of the box.

For more information visit us on stand 151 or go to

BVB - Stand 514


Cartoni SPA - Stand 310

Since 1935 Cartoni designs, manufactures and markets highly professional support hardware and systems for the motion picture and television industries. The company prides itself on its engineering ability and leading technology, and is internationally recognized in the industry as a pre-eminent brand for camera support equipment.

Cartoni has reached a leadership position in the international market by offering a wide range of technologically superior, rugged camera support incorporating patented fluid drag systems and patented counterbalance systems. With a variety of 21 different fluid heads calibrated in capacity and performance for every shooting need, Cartoni offers the widest range of fluid camera support heads on the market.

A complete range of accessories matches the fluid heads, including tripods in different sizes, both in aluminium and carbon-fibre, spreaders, dollies, pneumatic columns, pedestals, jib arms, transport cases and a plurality of smaller accessories.

Constant innovation has ensured the company’s success. CARTONI owns and uses 34 different patents on Fluid Action and Counterbalance Systems, registered in Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, United States, China and India.
• Cartoni operates exclusively from the Company Headquarters, in Rome, Italy.
• The entire process of design, production, assembly and quality test are performed in the Rome factory




CASU - Camera Support Granderath - Stand 500

CaSu entwickelt und vertreibt Camera Support und Grip Equipment.

Für den deutschsprachigen Raum ist CaSu der alleinige Vertreter für CueScript Prompter und den Twin Dolly von SolidGripSystems.

International vertrieben werden die Tuffpak Stativköcher und das CineTape Measure von Cinematography Electronics.

Zusammen mit Prosup und unter derem Label baut CaSu Grip Equipment wie den zusammenklappbaren LapTop Dolly, den Reise Jibarm EJib und den kompakten und verlängerbaren Slider Tango Roller.

Die neusten Produkte wie der Tango Electronic Drive (TED) und das Tango Reporter Kit werden auf der Euro Cine Expo gezeigt.

CaSu sells Camera Support / Grip Equipment under the “ProSup” label such as

LapTop – a foldaway dolly for track and ground inside a Peli case

EJib – utmost compact, foldaway travel Jib, setting-up in less than 1 minute, lift range 1,60m, maximum height of 3m

Tango Roller – slider with magnetic end stops, can be extended in length, easy portable

Further Casu sells:

Cartoni fluid heads and tripods

SolidGripSystems’ Twin Dolly – travelling for heaviest cameras

Tuffpak octagonal tripod cases with wheels and integrated handles

Cinematography Electronics’ CineTape Measure – the ultimate choice for continuous ultrasonic distance calculation



Camera & Light Magazine

Camera & Light Magazine (formerly Cameraman magazine) is the Spanish leading cinematography magazine, unique in Spanish language. We made a rebranding to be more inclusive. Our magazine includes within its pages the richest and most visually interesting Spanish Films and also foreign productions-TV movies and commercials. We focus on the cinematography and the workflow used in every one of them, from shooting to post-production.  From our point of view, professionals also have the need to know the latest tools that make their work easier, so we also include a technical news section with new cameras, lenses, filters, cranes, lighting tools, grading systems, etc. and the best camera and cinematographic equipment reviews.

Caligri® GmbH - Stand

Company Profile: With caligri® we strive to bring products to the market, which are characterized by design, quality, professional materials and high functionality and usability. Products that are missed on film set and simplify workflows.

We are Luca Oltenau and Michael Matuschek. We believe in the power of creating and designing costumer friendly products.Together we look back on more than 25 years of experience in the film industry.‍


Chimera Lighting - 317
Chrosziel - Stand 309

Cinegirl is an independent digital magazine featuring an expansive galaxy of topics that talent working within the Film & TV Industry cares about. Female focused, not exclusive.

It’s a place where Art, Lifestyle, Technology and Fashion are discussed with a squeeze of humour and open-mindedness.

We strive to celebrate the work of all filmmakers of any race, colour, age, nationality, religion, gender expression, sexual orientation, health condition or disability – and consciously uplift voices that the industry has historically marginalised.

Cinegirl profiles fascinating and upcoming filmmakers across all departments within the industry, whose achievements speak for themselves.

Cinegirl was founded by Francesca R Zerenghi in 2018. Headquartered in London.


Cine Green - Stand 420

Freelensing Cine®: Optical adaptation system, which allows the universal use of any PL mount lens (spherical, fixed) in most of the digital cameras currently in use (ARRI MiniLF, Sony Venice, Red DSMC2 and Red Raptor, others are in work-in-progress) allowing parallel and perpendicular displacements to the focal plane, rotation of the optical center and the combination of both movements, displacements and inclinations.

The larger the area covered by the lens, the greater the ability to shift the image. Lens and/or Tilt/Swing sensor rotations are possible due to the wide angle of rotation and is produced by taking the sensor itself as the focus of the rotation, making the control of the projected image far more precise than in traditional decentering lens systems.

We have brought the optical bench system closer to cinematography. The ability to freelense with cinematic control.

Freelensing Cinema; it is Art and it is Technique, it allows to control the focal planes and to choose where to have them in the frame, both to increase the depth of field and to minimize it. A system of plates and medium format imported to cinematography, placed on the digital cinema camera you use and with the PL (spherical, fixed) lenses of your choice.

Universal, on 19mm rods


PL mount (spherical, fixed) up to 4 Kg.

No loss of brightness.

Control of shifts and rotations.




Simple and intuitive

Quick to set up


Purely photographic tool

The decision and the degree of use is up to the operator.


New challenges for the photographer, control of the focal plane.

Cinematography Electronics - Stand 501

Distance measuring device CineTape

Cinematography World

Cinematography World is the global publication for the film and TV production industry, embracing the global community of cinematographers and their collaborators involved and in the art and craft of visual storytelling.

It is our mission to broaden the scope and deepen the purpose of print, online and digital media to truly support, inspire and empower the collaborative community involved in making moving images.

Delivered via both print and online platforms, every edition of our magazine and newsletter is packed with the latest news, updates and insights from the world of Cinematography.

We look forward to meeting you all at Euro Cine Expo 2022 and are proud to be their official media partner, plus we are working with the show team to deliver an incredible and free series of seminars, panel discussions and debates.

You can pick up the latest edition of Cinematography World at the Expo free, plus, we would like to offer every visitor to Euro Cine Expo a free digital subscription to our magazine – email

See you in Munich!


Cine Power International - Stand 518

We are a long established electronic design and manufacturing company based in the United Kingdom. Our design and manufacturing skills are backed by over 40 years of innovative design and trading in the Professional Broadcast and Film Industries.

We offer an extensive range of advanced, rugged and reliable rechargeable battery systems.

Our high performance battery range includes battery packs to meet any requirement, rugged  battery belts and specialized battery packs for all makes of cameras, grip and lighting equipment…. anything needing portable power.




cmotion - Stand 010

Celebrating 20 years in designing, developing, and supplying quality lens and camera control solutions to the global film and broadcast industry.

By embracing the latest technology and working closely with customers, strategic partners, and a worldwide community of focus pullers, cmotion have introduced ground-breaking innovations time and time again.

Adapting quickly to market changes has helped cmotion become one of the world’s most respected lens and camera control manufacturers, synonymous with functionality, reliability, and ergonomic build quality.

To experience cmotion at its best, check out the cPRO LCS line. This unique system not only puts wireless camera control for ARRI, RED and SONY in the hands of the focus puller but includes exclusive integration with cvision and Cinefade VariND. Which, can all be split and shared with the DP and DIT.

With a wide range of lens control systems and professional accessories, there is a cmotion solution for everyone.





Core SWX - Stand 400
Creative Solutions - Stand 314

Creative Solutions is a combination of Teradek, SmallHD, and Wooden Camera. We design and manufacture premium products for broadcasters, film, and video production companies, independent content creators, and enterprise businesses. Our products are used around the world for sports, news, live events, film and television production, and online streaming.


Creamsource - Stand 208

Australia-based Creamsource has been an industry pioneer since 2005, designing and building innovative lighting solutions that power productions worldwide. By partnering with some of the best cinematographers, gaffers and rental companies in the industry, Creamsource leverages expert feedback to provide purpose-built lighting products that address complicated production challenges head-on.

CVP - Stand 222

Daylight Grip & Textiles - Stand 304

Daylight Grip & Textiles Ltd. have serviced our industry since 2000. We design and manufacture a complete range of performance textiles for location lighting, photographic and entertainment industries. We also offer a full rage of flags, scrims and eggcrates. To compliment the above we have designed individual bags for the same plus sand bags, scrim bags, stand bags etc.



Dedo Weigert - Stand 114

The magic of dedolight Lightstream 

Parallel beam lights have been around forever, in search lights, movie lights and special effects lights. dedolight has perfected working with parallel beams as part of the dedolight Lightstream system.

The large 1200 Watt parallel beam light, the dedolight PB70, has close to perfect light distribution with high output and extremely far reach.

The light from the PB70 has a very special character, because the light does not originate from the light fixture – it comes from a virtual light source way behind the light.

This light from the PB70 can then be directed into a reflector and onto subject; or one can redirect the beam into multiple reflectors.

By adding the magic parallel beam intensifier to a dedolight focusing light, this increases the light output between 300% and 500%. This miracle is made possible by optics and the laws of physics.

This is the only system in the world capable of producing many light sources from a single light source. This creates a unique “naturalist and organic” quality to the light and, as an added bonus, consumes less power than multiple light sources.

View complete article and movies at following link:

DENZ Fertigungd - Stand 306
De Sisti Lighting

De Sisti is a world Leader in the sector of Professional Lighting Systems since 1982.
Innovation, technological research, high performance, customer service and the highest international safety standards are the most significant company features.

De Sisti Lighting focuses primarily in the broadcast, film, video and architectural industry.

All products are designed, manufactured and tested at De Sisti’s factories, where several teams of professional and experienced specialists work hard to achieve brilliant results with excellence and quality.

The company supports all of our products and lighting system installations at the factory level and with a well-organized worldwide network of distributors and dealers.

De Sisti continues to invest in its products and systems with upgrades and R&D development to keep up with technological advancements in the industry as well as with the LED technologies.

The Brand is currently leading in important innovations in SSL Lighting (LED), with International Patents and Optimized Optical Systems. 

This combination of quality products with high efficiency optics, offers great
advantages to our customers


Digital Camera Systems - Stand 118

Digital Camera Systems was founded in 2017 in response to the need to simplify and unify on-set lens metadata generation and collection. DCS are proud to present the LDT. The Lens Data Translator is a versatile and robust device that can record frame-by-frame lens metadata for post production and stream it for virtual production. Any camera, any lens.

Digital Camera Systems

DMG Lumiere by Rosco - Stand 208

Founded in 1910, Rosco is a leader in products for the entertainment and film & television industries. Best known for lighting filters, the company offers product lines in more than a dozen categories, including DMG Lumiere LED fixtures, fog and haze machines, green & blue screen paint and backdrops for film, television and broadcast. Rosco has been recognized with four Academy Awards® for the development of innovative products and systems for the production of feature films. Shown at Euro Cine Expo will be the DMG MIX range, including the DMG DASH and the new Triple MAXI MIX Yoke.  For more information about Rosco, visit


DoPchoice - Stand 210

Headquartered in Munich, Germany, DoPchoice has provided a fresh take on light refining accessories for the world’s top light fixtures and are renowned for producing more compact and lightweight light tools, that are easier to use and faster to set-up – meeting the needs of gaffers, cinematographers and rental houses, worldwide.

The ever-growing range of SNAPBAGS and SNAPGRIDS continues with the recent launch of the RABBIT ROUNDER. This is a versatile, one system answer to mounting a variety of DoPchoice SNAPBAGS®, Octas, and Lanterns to the growing range of fixtures with Aputure, Fiilex, Nanlux and industry standard Bowens mounts.

This flexible solution makes it quick, easy and intuitive to set up a SNAPBAG®. Simply select the mount for your fixture, click out the arms, and set it on the fixture. Lantern mounting takes a simple push open and a pinch to lock. Releasing takes a simple push of a button and an easy pull off. Swap your SNAPBAGS between fixtures using the relevant mounts.

If you’re looking for a softbox for an Arri Skypanel 360, the triple DMG Lumiere Maxi MIX, Creamsource Vortex8 quad or an array of Litepanels Gemini 2×1, then look no further!  Now available and on show at Euro Cine, the DoubleHEX Frame with the 8’ DoubleHEX SNAPBAG. It’s a whopper!

Catch up with the DoPchoice team and take a look at the newest Astera SNAPBAGS for single Titan and Helios tubes plus lots more.



Mit hochwertigen, outdoor-tauglichen Farb-LED-Fresnel-Scheinwerfern hat sich der US-amerikanische Hersteller Fiilex international einen Namen gemacht. Die Produkte von Fiilex bestechen sowohl durch exakte Farbdarstellung und große Helligkeit als auch durch viele, gut durchdachte Detaillösungen für den tagtäglichen Einsatz.

Dank dieser Eigenschaften und der sehr hohen Fertigungsqualität sind Fiilex Scheinwerfer mittlerweile ein Standard bei vielen Hollywood Filmproduktionen geworden und werden weltweit in Film- und TV-Produktionen ebenso eingesetzt wie in Anwendungen, die Wert auf hohe Lichtqualität und zuverlässige Outdoor-tauglichkeit legen.

Grip Factory Munich - Stand 206

GFM is a leading manufacturer of dollies, cranes, sliders, track and camera support equipment and are known for producing products of the highest quality.

Great pride is taken in the constantly growing in house manufacturing as well as long term relationships with clients, suppliers and all those working in the field.

Gruppe 3 - Stand 108
Gyro Motion - Stand 102

Stabilized systems for filming

Facebook: Gyromotion-GmbH
Instagram: gyromotiongmbh

Hawk-Woods LTD - Stand 313

As a company with over 30 years experience and knowledge in the Film/Broadcast Industry we offer a wide range of products for camera operators, sound recordists and lighting engineers. Ranging from broadcast camera batteries, chargers, power adaptors, cables and plugs.

IDX Technology Europe, Ltd - Stand 501

Batteries and chargers

K5600 Lighting - Stand 204


Kaiser Showtechnik - Stand 112
Kelvin - Stand 300

Kelvin is a premium light brand built by LED technology company Rift Labs from Scandinavia with a proud history of developing award-winning LED products and solutions for the global market in video and photo since 2010.

KFX Technology - Stand 214a

Company Profile: KFX Technology is a manufacturer of camera remote heads and motorized track systems for film and TV production. KFX puts simplicity, reliability, and usability at the forefront of its design philosophy, alongside customer service. Our global and inclusive team of engineers, technicians and industry consultants ensure exceptional camera movement, innovative production solutions and your professional success.

LCA Lights Camera Action - Stand 208

LCA Lights, Camera, Action Europe

LCA Lights, Camera, Action is a one stop shop for film and broadcast lighting, grip, power and distribution.

Our new office and warehouse located in Berlin, supplies Europe with the latest in LED lighting including Creamsource, LiteGear, DMG Lumiere, Litepanels, Hudson Spider, as well as accessories and control from DoPchoice, LumenRadio, Gaffers Control and many more.

At the Euro Cine Expo we will be demonstrating the new Auroris – with 24 large format pixels, this 3x3m LED fixture is ultra slim, cinema quality white light, full spectrum colour and comes with a range of accessories.

The Creamsource Vortex Series has proved to be a must in the film industry and you can get “hands on” with both the Vortex8 and Vortex4. This hard light has an amazing output and can be softened with a range of available accessories. There are many benefits to the Vortex including IP65 rated, PSU inside, full RGBW capabilities, a variety of control including LumenRadio, DMX and Bluetooth. Its easy-to-use interface offers a wide range of special effects, colour selection and the ability to shoot high speed with FrameSync.

Go green with your location power with Betteries. This mobile power solution allows you to stack up to 3 battery modules of 7kW, AC/DC, IP67 waterproof rating and connectivity via GPS and Wifi allowing you to monitor your battery usage and performance.

Address: Nonnendammallee 44, (Gebäude GB32)
13629 Berlin,

Telephone: +49 (0)30 29 773 6928



The Light Bridge GmbH - Stand 216

Jakob Ballinger, founder

The Light Bridge GmbH

Karl-Tornay-Gasse 38/6
1230 Vienna

0043 664 250 3834

Jakob Ballinger

Leitz - Stand 318

Ernst Leitz Wetzlar GmbH is one of the world’s leading premium cine lens manufacturers with their brand of ‘Leitz Cine Lenses’. Come see our exceptional full frame optics, including the stunning Leitz ZOOMS, high speed Leitz PRIMES, and the recently announced character-rich Leitz ELSIE prime lenses, all on display at the Euro Cine Expo.


LiteGear - Stand 208

LiteGear is an LED lighting company for professionals in Cinema, TV, and HD Video industries and a major supplier of a wide range of advanced motion picture LED lighting. The innovation and development of products, including LiteRibbon, LiteMat, and LiteTile continue to make a major impact on lighting worldwide.

Lightpower - Stand 116


Lightpower – wer wir sind und was wir machen

Gegründet im Jahr 1978, hat sich Lightpower zu einem international renommierten Distributor für professionelle Bühnenbeleuchtung entwickelt. Das Unternehmen bietet eine einmalige Produktsynergie mit einem ausgeprägten Dienstleistungsangebot – sowohl im Theater und TV-Bereich, als auch auf der Showbühne und im Entertainment. Zum Lieferprogramm in Deutschland zählen Produkte namhafter Hersteller wie Martin by HARMAN, Prolights, Robert Juliat, Rosco, Fiilex, Portman Lights, Filmgear, Wireless Solution und Doughty. Die Produkte von MA Lighting, Major und zactrack werden darüber hinaus weltweit vertrieben. Der Lightpower Hauptsitz ist Paderborn. Zusätzlich unterhält das Unternehmen mit der Lightpower Austria eine Niederlassung in Traun sowie internationale Kompetenz-Center in London, Los Angeles, New York, Sao Paulo, Bogota, Dubai, Singapur und Helsinki.



Lightpower – who we are and what we do

Established in 1978, Lightpower has developed into an internationally renowned distributor for professional stage lighting equipment. The company offers a unique product synergy together with a comprehensive package of services – in the theatre and television sectors as well as for live stage and all other areas of entertainment. Our delivery program includes leading manufacturers such as: Martin by HARMAN, Prolights, Robert Juliat, Rosco, Fiilex, Portman Lights, Filmgear, Wireless Solution und Doughty. Product lines from MA Lighting, Major and zactrack are also distributed worldwide. Lightpower’s headquarters is Paderborn, Germany. Additionally the company owns with Lightpower Austria an office in Traun and international offices in London, Los Angeles, New York, Sao Paulo, Bogota, Dubai, Singapore and Helsinki.


Die Marke Major gehört zur Lightpower Unternehmensgruppe. Major Produkte wie Scheinwerfer, Stromverteiler, Kabel und Steckverbinder, Dimmer, Rigging-Produkte und Sicherungsseile sind „Made in Germany“ und haben sich in der Vergangenheit bereits bei etlichen nationalen und internationalen Projekten bewährt. Unsere Produkte zeichnen sich durch ihre hohe Qualität für professionelle Anwendungen aus und entstehen in enger Zusammenarbeit mit unseren Kunden, um deren Anforderungen bestmöglich zu erfüllen. Major Produkte sind dabei immer auf höchste Praxistauglichkeit ausgelegt. Dabei legen wir stets höchsten Wert auf ein hervorragendes Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis.


MA Lighting International GmbH - Stand 105

MA Lighting International as master distributor is responsible for worldwide sales and marketing of the professional lighting control solutions of MA Lighting Technology. The current product range offers the grandMA3 series and the MA Network Switch. In the past MA has become well known for its grandMA2, grandMA and dot2 series.

Today, MA Lighting is respected for its technical knowledge and has achieved a unique international reputation for its operational philosophy. The company offers several decades of experience and strictly follows a professional user-centric approach, getting as close as possible to the market via its own international offices and support centers in the UK, North America, Latin America, the Middle East/India, Asia Pacific and Scandinavia/Eastern Europe/Russia – supported by a world-wide distribution and service network.


MA Lighting International ist als Master-Distributor weltweit für Vertrieb und Marketing der professionellen Lichtsteuerungslösungen von MA Lighting Technology verantwortlich. Die aktuelle Produktpalette umfasst die grandMA3 Serie und den MA Network Switch. In der Vergangenheit hat sich MA mit seiner grandMA2, grandMA und dot2 Serie weltweit einen Namen gemacht.

Heute ist MA Lighting für sein technisches Know-how bekannt und hat einen einzigartigen internationalen Ruf wegen seiner Bedienphilosophie erreicht. Das Unternehmen blickt zurück auf eine jahrzehntelange Erfahrung. MA Lighting verfolgt konsequent einen professionellen benutzerzentrierten Ansatz und ist mit seinen eigenen Büros sowie Kompetenz- und Supportcentern in Großbritannien, Nordamerika, Lateinamerika, dem Nahen Osten/Indien, Asien und Skandinavien/Osteuropa – unterstützt von einem weltweiten Distributions- und Service-Netzwerk – so nah wie möglich am Markt.

MKV Omega Ltd Stand 416

MK-V is an award-winning manufacturer and supplier of Bodyworn and Camera Tracking Vehicle mounted Stabilization

Equipment for the Professional Film and Broadcast Industry.





MovieTech - Stand 301

Since over 25 years, MovieTech stands for professional grip equipment.

MovieTech stands for premium quality and reliable grip equipment. In order to meet the high demands of our customers and fulfill our motto “Grip-Equipment you can rely on”, we produce our products with passion and care in our factory in Munich. One of our best-known products is the Magnum Dolly.

Our aim is to find optimal solutions to move the camera and facilitate the work on the film set by providing highly functional and reliable products.

The product range of the MovieTech brand reaches from dollies, camera cranes and track systems to remote heads.




Founded in 1992, as a Hi-Tech enterprise devoted to making professional LED  lighting equipment for film and television production, NanGuang has been constantly  innovating in the past 30 years, and currently has three registered brands: “NANLITE”, “NANLUX” and “NANLINK”. The product portfolio offers comprehensive coverage on the market from professional end to entry-level, including 1.2KW LED Spot Light, RGBWW Tube Light, wireless lighting control system and various compatible accessories, fully satisfying the diversified  requirements for professional production nowadays.

Our clients and users are spreaded throughout the international market, we have developed thriving relationships with hundreds of dealers around the world with more qualified and trusted dealers coming on board every year. In NanGuang, we strive to design lighting products that provide clients with new possibilities and push them to expand their creative horizons as we vow  to expand ours as well. We listen to customer feedback, focus on design details, and optimize the user experience of our high-quality products. We stand behind all of our products and provide the best and professional technical support available to help everyone accomplish their vision effortlessly.

Nalpak Inc - Stand 501

Tuffpak octagonal tripod cases

Irix - Stand 104

TH Swiss AG Rathausstrasse 14, 6340 Baar, Switzerland


Optical Support - Stand 200

Optical Support Ltd

Optical Support are the UK’s and Europe’s leading camera stabilser specialists. For over 25 years we have built an excellent reputation for high quality engineering and service across rental, sales and repair. Our engineering experience has led us to design, create and manufacture our own line of products known as “OS Products”.

At this event we will be demonstrating more from our OS Products range featuring the new Dragonfly sled, OS Docking Bracket and also our renowned Jackal Rickshaw. This will also be partnered along with additional mechanical and electronic camera stabilising modifications and accessories.

Optical Support also represented by OS Products in Amsterdam.

We will be representing; Flowcine, Cinetex, GPI PRO, Preston and Walter Klassen.

For further information, please contact


Optical Support Logo

P+S Technik - Stand 508

Since more than 30 years P+S stands for innovative products in the film industry and is well-known as a competent and professional partner in the market.

Focused on the development and manufacture of high-quality anamorphic cine lenses like Evolution 2X and TECHNOVISION 1.5X specific lens solutions like Skater Scope and a wide range of value-preserving rehousings of vintage-lenses complete our services.

A passion for innovation and exceptional pictures – that’s our mission!

Panther - Stand 418

According to its brand claim ‘Passion of Movement’, Panther designs and manufactures the complete range of professional dollies, cranes, tracks and camera support equipment to the film and television industry for more than 35 years.

With new ideas and visions, Panther responds to market requests and needs, and continues to be a reliable partner to its clients all around the world.


Facebook: @PantherDolly

Instagram: @pantherfilmequipment

Plaber - Stand 100

Plaber is the Italian manufacturer of:

𝗛𝗣𝗥𝗖 | High Performance Resin Cases

𝗖𝗼𝗻𝗲𝗖𝗮𝗿𝘁𝘀 | High Performance Multipurpose Carts

Alstora | Protective Storage Boxes

𝗛𝗣𝗥𝗖® cases were born in 2006 and it has come a long way since then. With nearly 1.000 customers in more than 80 countries, HPRC is recognized as one of the world’s best hard cases brands.

HPRC cases can be used for all sorts of applications both in B2B and B2C industries. From medical to hi-tech, imaging to industrial and electronics, military and Government police law enforcement, nautical, outdoor, and many more, HPRC cases provide total protection to the carried equipment.

The range of HPRC® cases is now joined by 𝗖𝗼𝗻𝗲𝗖𝗮𝗿𝘁𝘀®, High Performance Multipurpose Carts, designed and produced entirely in Italy and guaranteed for 10 years. Not just carts. Handling, protection and storage solutions, with an elegant and distinctive design in which attention to detail, functionality and maximum reliability are essential.

Alstora, protective storage boxes, is Plaber group new-born brand alongside HPRC | High Performance Resin Cases and ConeCarts | High Performance Multipurpose Carts.

Alstora is the crasis between ALPS and STORAGE. The choice of the name on one hand draws on our attachment to the land and to the mountains surrounding our headquarters located in Bassano del Grappa (Veneto) and, on the other, the type of product, high-performance containers. Containers capable of perfectly combining technological innovation, design and sustainability in their DNA.

For home, professional and outdoor use, Alstora is synonymous for totally safe storage.

Power Gems - Stand 304

Power Gems are well-known in the TV and film industry for the design and supply of 100Hz high-speed HMI ballasts. Now we’ve expanded into the LED control market.

Lost-cost PWM power supplies complete with dedicated drivers or Constant Current for flicker-free output; whatever your requirements talk to Power Gems.

Projects Department Limited - Stand 518

Projects Department Ltd is a specialist independent company providing a wide range of services to the entertainment lighting industry. The core of our business is exceptional products and service. We offer consultancy, design, supply and installation services to customers all over the world, we have many years experience working together with some of the biggest names in the industry such as Sony BPE, IPE, Strand and ARRI Lighting. Our portfolio ranges from a small one camera “talking head” studio all the way up to Pinewood TV studios and YouTube Space. Each job is different to the last and we will always consider your individual needs during consultation to provide you with the best possible equipment. We work with all manufacturers of professional lighting equipment and a number of specialist television supply companies which allows us excellent flexibility and range in term of both product variety and price. As part of our service we can supply cameras, vision mixers, sound equipment and acoustic consultancy. For full details of our suppliers and services please see the appropriate section on our website. We are always on hand to advise, so please get in contact to discuss your project.

PROLIGHTS (PROLIGHTS is a trademark of MUSIC & LIGHTS S.r.l.) - Stand 115


PROLIGHTS ist Teil des italienischen Unternehmens Music & Lights S.r.l., das auf die Herstellung von Technologien für die Showbranche spezialisiert ist.

Die Marke PROLIGHTS wurde 2001 gegründet und konzentriert sich auf das Design und die Herstellung professioneller Beleuchtungs- und Videoprodukte für den Unterhaltungs-, Event-, Broadcast- und Installationsmarkt.

Der Hauptsitz von PROLIGHTS befindet sich in Minturno, Italien, wo sich die Geschäfts-, Betriebs- und Forschungs- und Entwicklungszentren des Unternehmens befinden. 

PROLIGHTS verzeichnet ein anhaltendes Wachstum in allen Bereichen und ist mit seinen Produkten auf Bühnen und in Studios auf der ganzen Welt zu finden. Der Gründer Franco Sorabella und sein Sohn Fabio sind beide aktiv in das Tagesgeschäft und in die Entwicklung der Produktpalette eingebunden.


PROLIGHTS is the professional lighting division of Music & Lights S.r.l., an Italian company specialized in the manufacture of technologies for the show industry. 

The PROLIGHTS brand was established in 2001 with a focus on the design and manufacture of professional lighting & video products for the entertainment, event, broadcast and installation markets.

PROLIGHTS is headquartered in Minturno, Italy, where the companies commercial, operational, and R&D centers are all located.

PROLIGHTS continues to experience a sustained growth across all sectors, with its products found on stages and in studios all over the world. Founder Franco Sorabella, and his son Fabio, are both actively involved in the day-to-day running of the business and in the development of the product range.



ProSup - Stand 501

Dollies, Sliders, Jib arms and other grip and camera support equipment


qinematiq - Stand 303



RED - Stand 312

RED Digital Cinema is a leading manufacturer of professional digital cameras and accessories. RED’s lasts technology includes the KOMODO 6K global shutter sensor which brings innovative engineering to filmmakers at all levels of content creation, and the highly advanced V-RAPTOR 8K VV, the first camera in the DSMC3 generation.

Rift Labs - Stand 300
Robert Juliat

Robert Juliat ist eines der führenden und renommiertesten Unternehmen für den Theatermarkt. Seit mehreren Generationen im Familienbesitz hat sich der französische Hersteller der professionellen Bühnenbeleuchtung verschrieben. Dazu zählen insbesondere Verfolger-, Profil-, Fresnel- und PC-Scheinwerfer sowie Fluter. 

Der Innovationsgeist von Robert Juliat ist bis heute ungebrochen. Mit und für Lichtdesigner werden die Werkzeuge von morgen entwickelt. Alle Produkte, deren Qualitätsstandards beispielhaft sind, stammen aus der eigenen Fertigung, die ca. 50 km nördlich von Paris angesiedelt ist.

Ronford Baker Engineering - Stand 214

Ronford Baker are manufactures of academy award winning Fluid Heads and Tripods. The product range also includes Sliders, Billet Bazookas, Track, Beams, Grip Equipment, Transit Cases, and a new range of camera and video accessories.

The new Atlas 50 Fluid Head is now available, as well as other products.

Facebook: @Ronfordbaker

Instagram: @Ronfordbaker


Schneider Kreuznach - Stand 308

Schneider-Kreuznach lenses and filters always set standards in filmmaking. Developed and manufactured in Germany or the USA, their reputation is well-respected all over the world.

At Euro Cine Expo, Schneider-Kreuznach presents ISCO4all – the world’s first set for both anamorphic and spherical storytelling.

ISCO4all groups three spherical cine primes with the anamorphic front adapter ISCORAMA 54 CU-1.5x. The adapter is a modern upgrade of ISCORAMA 54, which is considered a true classic among anamorphic film fans. The three full frame ISCOspherical A+ cine primes complement the set. They are a Schneider-Kreuznach version of the DuLens Mini-Primes and made to match the ISCORAMA style. The set includes the focal lengths 43, 58 and 85 with 2.4 T stop as well as selected accessories.

For more info, just visit us in Munich. We are looking forward to meeting you!


Sigma - Stand 402

Solid Grip Systems - Stand 106

SolidGripSystems is a Dutch based manufacturer with its focus on traditional camera-movement. Our CenterFold BarTracks are very well received as well as our sustaining TwinDolly. We are working grips so we now your demands on grip-equipment.

Sony - Stand 322

Sony is offering a wide range of camera line from high-end cinema cameras to  professional cameras including VENICE, FX9, FX6, etc. Just recently Sony launched the new cinema camera VENICE 2 with new features including a compact design, internal recording and the option for two different sensors: the newly developed full-frame 8.6K sensor or the original 6K VENICE sensor. Sony is offering also the “Crystal LED Virtual Production System Solution” which is a new content creation solution that enhances the freedom of expression for creators. This is enabled by the “in-camera VFX” method, which combines the Sony’s large LED display “Crystal LED B-series” and their digital cinema camera ” VENICE & VENICE 2 ,” alongside a 3rd party camera tracking system and real-time engine.

Special Grip Hungry Kft - Stand 410
SWIT - Stand 408

SWIT specialize in broadcast/film industry for 26 years, providing:

  1. More production lines and differential products: Batteries and chargers, Lighting, Wireless, Monitors, Camera-tripods, etc.;
  2. More reliable quality;
  3. Many cutting-edge new technologies;
  4. Competitive price;
  5. Huge local stock in Europe;
  6. Faster and better delivery and after-service from Germany
  7. Special support for important projects; etc.


Technocrane - Stand 422

Technocrane s. r. o. is the leading manufacturer of Telescopic Camera Cranes and remote controlled Camera Heads. With now over 600 cranes built, Technocrane has a proven history in the television and movie industry.

Technocrane is now proud to announce launch of Stabilized TechnoheadS.

Technocrane manufactures three product lines:

1. SUPERTECHNO cranes are the workhorses on every television show or big movie. Now we launch the next digital generation: the SUPERTECHNO PLUS, with built-in tracking for augmented reality, targeting for precise head movements and gyro stabilization.

  1. TECHNOCRANE is the perfect tool for a new generation of lightweight cameras. It is light, steady and is also equipped with tracking and targeting. TECHNOCRANE can be operated by just on one camera man.
  2. TECHNODOLLY is the first of its generation: a programmable and fully automatic camera crane. With the TECHNODOLLY you can create movements of unlimited length and complexity, then you can repeat them with precision.






Teltec AG - Stand 312

Teltec is Europe’s largest supplier for broadcast and film technology. With 10 Offices and Showrooms and more than 50 Product Experts, Teltec represents all major manufacturers in the professional media industry and offers camera operators, broadcasters, universities, freelancers and industrial companies the best production technology and expert service

Teltec AG | Peter-Sander-Str. 41c | 55252 Mainz-Kastel | Germany

Tiffen International - Stand 110

Tiffen Filters, Steadicam, Lowel Lighting, Domke camera cases

The Tiffen Company is manufacturer of the world renowned Tiffen Glass Filters for the motion picture and also high end stills imaging industries. Tiffen glass filters have been the mainstay of optical filtering in all film producing countries since 1951 and continue to develop new and exciting effects filters and provide solutions for lighting and optical challenges.

Tiffen are also manufacturers of the Steadicam body worn camera stabilizer originally invented and developed by Garrett Brown in the 1970s as a way of providing moving camera sequences without the use handheld techniques or camera dollies and track. Tiffen has taken Steadicam to a highly sophisticated level now including electronically assisted horizon control with the VOLT unit and brought the whole concept of modularity to a new level with the M-series system allowing Steadicam to fit all cameras and budgets.

Lowel lighting has always been a popular range for location portable lights and Tiffen are moving this forward with the latest all LED fittings. Additionally Tiffen have recently introduced an LED upgrade to the widely used and very versatile Rifa light.

Domke are primarily stills camera bags but have versatile removeable interiors to enable a large variety of shapes and sized to be carried safely. Domke also have a range of soft wraps ideal for protecting accessories.  






True Lense Services (TLS) - Stand 006

True Lens Services are one of the UK’s largest lens rehousing and service providers and now recognised worldwide for their lens innovation with an unbeatable reputation in the design, manufacture, and servicing of filming lenses.

Tuffpak octagonal tripod cases - Stand 501

Fluid heads, tripods, pedestals

Vantage Film - Stand 320

Vantage Film is a developer and manufacturer of film lenses and one of the most sought-after full-service rental providers of camera equipment and film technology worldwide. The company supports film and commercial productions all over the globe with an extensive pool of rental equipment, sophisticated logistics and uncompromising service solutions. The HAWK® lenses produced by Vantage Film are considered leading-edge and enable filmmakers to translate their artistic visions into compelling visual statements. Since Peter Martin and Wolfgang Baumler founded Vantage Film in 1993, the company has aspired to set standards of excellence and unleash the creative power of its customers. Vantage Film is located in Weiden (HQ), Berlin, Leipzig, Prague, Paris, Brussels und Los Angeles, employing around 100 staff.

Vocas - Stand 501

Vocas is exhibiting at EuroCineExpo 2022

Vocas is a manufacturer of camera accessories based in the Netherlands. Our mission is to provide innovative, high-quality and ergonomic accessories for film- and video professionals;  typical Dutch design, made in Holland.

We design both universal camera accessories and dedicated accessories for specific cameras. As EuroCineExpo will be the first big exhibit in Germany this year we are participating in, we will be showing you all our new accessories. Amongst these are several products with a built-in Level Marker, a clever tool which will help you to proper align your camera’s horizon.

And this is not all we will bring to the show. On our booth we will show you the complete line-up of our popular accessories for the Sony FX6, PXW-FX9 and the RED Komodo but also bring new accessories for (among others) the Sony VENICE 2 and RED V-RAPTOR.

XINEGEAR - Stand 402

Die Xinegear GmbH ist 2016 als Händler für RED Digital Cinema gestartet. Die Ausrichtung konzentriert sich auf eine qualitativ hochwertige und individuelle Beratung von Cinekameras, Objektiven und Zubehör für professionelle Anwender: innen in Deutschland und Nachbarländern. Xinegear ist neben RED auch zertifizierter Händler für die SONY Cinema Line, SIGMA Objektive, sowie namhafte weitere Marken aus dem Zubehörbereich. Über die vertrieblichen Aktivitäten hinaus bieten Xinegear auch Handling- u. Workflowtrainings, Events, sowie einen Reparaturservice an.

Xinegear GmbH was founded in 2016 as dealer for RED Digital Cinema Products. The company is focusing onto the professional filmmaker market and offers personalized pre- and after sales support about Cine cameras, lenses and accessories for professional users in Germany and other countries.

Xinegear is certified dealer for RED, SONY Cinema Line, SIGMA lenses and many more well-known brands.

Besides sales activities Xinegear offers handling and workflow training, events and repair support.






Das aus Wien stammende Unternehmen zactrack hat ein innovatives automatisiertes Verfolgersystem entwickelt, mit dem sich Personen und bewegte Objekte mit hoher Genauigkeit verfolgen lassen.


Dabei lässt sich die zactrack Technologie in den Bereichen Theater und Bühnen, Veranstaltungen, Messen und Ausstellungen sowie Film und Fernsehen einsetzen.

Zeiss - Stand 218

Serving the artistic pursuit of cinematographers for more than 80 years, ZEISS has introduced the successful ZEISS Super Speed, ARRI/ZEISS Ultra Prime, Master Prime, Master Anamorphic, ZEISS CP.2, CP.3 and CP.3 XD, Cinema Zoom CZ.2, Lightweight Zoom LWZ.3 and highly appreciated ZEISS Supreme Prime and Supreme Prime Radiance lenses.