exhibitors 2023

MUNICH • 30 june – 1 JULY • 2023

Tuffpak / Nalpak
Stand Number:524
Address - Kistlerhofstr. 168
Telephone 08945219060
Email info@casu.tv
Website https://www.casu.tv

Tuffpak – The Tripod’s Super Protector
In 2008 Nalpak of California named CaSu of Munich as their sole European distributor and since then common products have been developed like the rolling tripod case for 2 stage ENG systems.
In the 1960s, the first tripod cases were made from fiber-board sheets that were formed into rounds and riveted from top to bottom. They even riveted the handles in place. It was pretty common to see yards of duct tape wrapped around the case and after only a couple of trips a new case was in order but no one expected anything different from the miserable round “sewer pipe” cases.
That was when Tuffpak’s inventor, Bob Kaplan decided to design tripod cases through rotational molding.
The parts produced by this molding method are just bullet proof. The trade-off is that this molding process has much longer production cycles and it is very labor intensive. These factors increase production costs but professionals who travel can appreciate the differences and don’t mind paying a little more for an incredibly durable product.
Along the way an anti-roll hexagonal shape was selected, along with a molded double handle for instant balance, built in protection for straps and buckles and a well fitting, smartly designed cap that would keep the water out if it was left standing in the rain. Most cases nowadays come with wheels for easy transport.
Often copied, we recommend to go for the original as only those will last for life! Check it out at the CaSu booth 524.