exhibitors 2023

MUNICH • 30 june – 1 JULY • 2023

Tiffen International Ltd.
Stand Number:2-003
Address - The Peter Lamont Building, Pinewood Studios, Pinewood Road, Iver Heath, SL0 0NH, UK
Telephone +44 1753 783 960
Email tiffeninternational@tiffen.com
Website https://tiffen.com

The Tiffen Company has been contantly innovating to create award-winning filters for motion picture, television and still photography for 80 years. Today, Tiffen Filters are manufactured in their Hauppauge, Long Island factory with additional facilities in Burbank, California and at the Pinewood Studios outside of London, England. In addition they design and manufacture other top industry brands including authentic Steadicam®, made in Burbank, California, Lowel, Domke and more.

Now Tiffen opens the gates to new filtering possibilities with a new Rear Mount Filter system designed especially for ARRI Signature Primes. It expands a cinematographer’s toolbox, offering the full range of Tiffen filters including: Black Pro Mist, ND, Antique Black Pearlescent, Antique Pearlescent, Antique Satin, Smoque, Glimmerglass, etc. Also on exhibit, demo Tiffen’s filter range for Angenieux IOP lenses. Highlights include new Black Fog and Night Fog diffusion filters as well as the premiere of new Blue Streak effect filters. Also on display will be Tiffen’s light control filters for popular drones, including DJI.

Check out the authentic Steadicam® M2 Series: the field’s most modular customizable stabilizer offering carbon fiber posts, Sleds in Gold mount or V-mount versions, monitor brackets, and Arms. Also see entry level M2 Core kits which are upgradable to future-proof each individual system as the operator’s needs change. Also demonstrating the game-changing Steadicam® Volt™. The active horizon assist utilizes electronic stabilization technology to aid Steadicam operators in achieving and maintaining smooth, consistent, level camera shots.

For gimbal users, the Steadimate RS is made to improve user experience for Ronin RS2, RS3, or RS3 Pro by converting the handheld motorized gimbal to a full-body worn stabilizer. Created by the same engineering team behind the Steadicam M-Series and Volt technology, Steadimate RS offers 3-axis manual stabilization and weight redistribution to greatly expand the capability of the Ronin. The addition of an Arm allows Steadicam type moves.

Tiffen’s location lighting offering includes the next gen Lowel Tota LED XL daylight-balanced panel floodlight. The light features an innovative, foldable design and emits 11,200 lux of flicker-free continuous light. With 216 individual LEDs, the 8″ x 8″ panel produces a bright 60° beam at 5600°K ± 200°K. At 98 TLCI/96 CRI. The versatile floodlight renders vibrant colors and warm nuanced skin tones. Also showing Blender XL with bi-color LEDs, and more.