exhibitors 2024

MUNICH • 27-29 june • 2024

Tiffen International Ltd
Stand Number:222
Address - Peter Lamont Building, Pinewood Studios, UK, SL0 0NH
Telephone +44 1753 783960
Email tiffeninternational@tiffen.com
Website https://tiffen.com/

Tiffen makes award-winning filters for films, television and still photography as well as other brands including Steadicam®, Domke Bags, Lowel lighting, etc.

New: Soft Glow and Black Soft Glow Diffusion filters reduce fine details while retaining strong focus. Soft Glow adds slight cooling effect in stronger grades, as will Black Soft Glow, while holding deep dark areas without shifting colors. Dark Contrast lowers contrast by darkening highlights without darkening shadows. Strong grades can give the illusion of darkness while allowing the viewer to see the image. In addition to round and rectangular front lens filters, Tiffen has Rear and internal Mount Filters for ARRI Signature Primes, Angenieux IOP, etc. Also, Black Pro Mist, Antique Black Pearlescent, Antique Pearlescent, Antique Satin, Smoque, Glimmerglass, Black Fog, Night Fog, Blue Streaks.

New Mag Control Filter System eliminates threading filters on and off, while maintaining a safe and positive lock. With MCS installation and removal is lightning-fast thanks to their extremely strong magnetic force. Filters stay locked in position even during demanding shoots, then detach instantly, without modification to the native lens.

Tiffen has filters for the Smartphone. With new Tiffen Smartphone 58mm Filter Mount installation is immediate—no tools needed. Thanks to Apple’s MagSafe® Technology, the new Tiffen Filter Mount magnetically secures to the back of an iPhone, ready to accept any Tiffen 58mm filter

Big news: Steadicam Axis is an unparalleled advance in body worn, camera stabilization. Ready to support mid-weight cameras it’s the first system to offer Volt® technology for roll, tilt and pan for increased stability and control. This 3-Axis electronically assisted camera stabilizer allows operator to directly control framing without feeling disconnected from camera. Achieve quality camera movement, faster set up times, greater range of movement, and a shallower learning curve than previous electronic gimbal systems. Payload capacity up to 20-lbs (9kg), when paired with a Steadicam A-30 Arm and A-30Vest.

For bigger payloads: demo Steadicam Volt3 M-Series-Featuring an all new gimbal with built in 3-axis bolt Volt pan-motor and re-imagined Tilt and Roll control for heavy payloads. The Controls add Pan to the current Tilt/Roll/Damping plus an Alt-Key for personal tuning of each. This addition adds a whole new level of control from Drag and Digital Inertia.

Now shipping, Steadicam® G-70×2 Arm — new system holds up to 70-lbs/31.8kg, and offers and entirely innovative structure with easier set up, tuning, and tool-free adjustment.