exhibitors 2023

MUNICH • 30 june – 1 JULY • 2023

The Lightbridge
Stand Number:5.026
Address - Karl-Tornay-Gasse 36 8
Telephone 06647814023
Email coordination@thelightbridge.com
Website https://www.thelightbridge.com

We believe that sharing great ideas will inspire even more great ideas.

Together we can advance the art and craft of lighting by developing new and expressive ways to tell stories and shape emotions.

At Lightbridge, we want to redefine the role of the light manufacturer in the twenty-first century: we place visionary artists and their lighting at center stage. In our manufacturing space, we integrate research, manufacturing best practices and the constant exchange of ideas between lighting professionals, in order to strengthen the link between light as an art form, the science of perception and the needs of the international lighting community. Our collaborations on and off set are a proud manifestation of the lighting gear we produce.

After developing the CRLS with Christian Berger for 10 years on set, we introduced the CRLS – Cine Reflectors in 2017. Christian’s integrity as an artist, which can be seen in his numerous award winning films, was the catalyst for a welcome evolution in lighting tools. His vision and unique thought processes for lighting brought about a fresh take on the use of reflected light and started the Lightbridge. The quality of our products is as important to us as regular communication with lighting enthusiasts across the industry. We are extremely proud to introduce our products with improvements that have been inspired by the feedback we have gotten from you on set.

So here’s to you!

All the Best, Jakob and the Lightbridge Team