exhibitors 2024

MUNICH • 27-29 june • 2024

Stand Number:609
Address - Heerdterbuschstraße 10, HALLE 9, 41460 Neuss, Germany
Telephone +49 2131 6632331
Email info@swit-europe.com
Website https://switeu.com/

SWIT has 28years of expertise in developing and manufacturing broadcast and film professional products, including 4K on-camera/studio monitors, wireless video transmission, Pro-camera batteries and power solutions, on-camera and studio lightings etc.
Here are some key advantages of SWIT products FYI:
1. OMNI Mini V-mount Batteries: All Your Expectations including USB-C for laptop and input. And 99Wh with 150W output till last second is only 159Euro*.
2. CIMO professional CINE-Grade: High Load V-Mount Batteries with USB-C, OLED and powerful 2xD-taps, also ideal for long term use or high power draw lights.
3. FM-215HDR: 2299Euro* Professional High-Bright FHD Field Monitor with Flight case and 12G-SDI 4K QD-LED HDR 100%DCI-P3 Zero-Delay AI-Calibration PBP-Vertical Mode.
4. Professional Wireless video: 22 pairs in one-location, super-anti-inference.
5. Free design for your lighting studios from 2 lights to hundreds of various lights including Fresnel spot lights, flexible lights, panel lights and lights especially for small room or low ceiling.
SWIT Europe is located near Düsseldorf, Germany, providing huge local stock and after-service locally to better serve our customers, even for urgent requirements.

(*MSRP without VAT)