exhibitors 2023

MUNICH • 30 june – 1 JULY • 2023

Stand Number:2-004
Address - Colditzstrasse 33, Berlin, Germany 12099
Telephone +49 (0) 30 3389 2987
Email sales@sumolight.com
Website https://www.sumolight.com

SUMOLIGHT is a German-based manufacturer of lighting systems for film & broadcast-productions. Founded in 2011 by gaffers and photographers, their experience on set is in the DNA of all SUMOLIGHT products.

Their first bicolour light, with interchangeable lenses, lightweight and completely passive cooling, an innovative and versatile light-shaping tools, set a new standard for the industry. Then their SUMOSPACE won the 2015 Cine Gear Expo Technical Award for best lighting technology. In 2019, a unique mounting system, the SUMOSNAP, was developed, expanding the SUMOSPACE to a true modular lighting system.

Today, new products continue to revolutionise studio and broadcast lighting. SUMOSKY – an interactive large-scale backdrop for smart VFX integration. SUMOSKY – a quickly riggable, slim, backlit, multicolored, and versatile system that can shift from neutral gray to green, blue, or any other color. It easily recreates skylights, night lights, sunsets, or sky domes for stages. When paired with harder sources, it enables lighting effects for process work in vehicles or fast-paced VFX work. It’s a less expensive, simpler alternative to the full-immersion video wall. The SUMOSKY also works well with traditional translight backdrops to enhance light or color changes, as well as Rosco Projection Screens and SoftDrops™.

SUMOMAX – the modular high-lumen output light, ready for virtual production with 650W Power (Boost Mode: 1350W), lightweight & silent, 19 Pixel – VFX Ready and up to 107000lx at 1m punch. The high-output, SUMOMAX LED light is ready for virtual production as an interactive lighting tool. Fully integrated into current control environments. SUMOMAX is passively cooled, fanless, with no noise. Safe for indoor or outdoor use, SUMOMAX is IP65 rated for maximum safety compliance regardless of conditions. Thanks to its “swoptic” module interchangeable optics, beams may be enhanced and directed from narrow 20° native up to super wide 120°. For added illumination control, SUMOMAX works with an array of light shaping tools that transform it from a spacelight to softlight to a high intensity fixture. The modular and versatile light can perform as a keylight, hardlight, punchlight, spacelight, or softlight.

Co ming soon the new SUMOLASER – a world first, using lasers for unbeatable brightness, massive reach and extremely narrow beam.