exhibitors 2023

MUNICH • 30 june – 1 JULY • 2023

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Website https://www.speed-set.com/en/vorteile-en/

We are excited to announce that SpeedSet will be creating the set/workshop at Euro Cine Expo.

SpeedSet is an innovative and sustainable state-of-the-art quick-assembly TV / Film -Set system.

A SpeedSet consists of prefabricated panels. These are completely wood-free and are largely of recycled aluminium. This makes the system light, stable, fire-retardant, and very compact to transport.

The individual SpeedSet panels easily connect together without the use of any tools. As a result, assembly and disassembly only take a fraction of the time that would otherwise be required for a comparable conventional wooden set. The panels are reusable, therefore allow multiple set configurations without waste and do not require disposal after a single use.

The SpeedSet system is offered for rent only. From delivery to collection, everything is included in the offer and the costs are therefore 100% transparent from the start.

SpeedSet is patent registered.

SpeedSet offers many advantages for the individual Film departments. You can find them here