exhibitors 2024

MUNICH • 27-29 june • 2024

SmartSystem Srl
Stand Number: 201
Address - Via del Commercio 22F
Telephone +39.0721.1830469
Email info@smartsystem.com
Website https://www.smartsystem.com

SmartSystem is an Italian company focused since 2009 on the development of advanced solutions in the field of cinema and professional video products ranging from stabilizers for video cameras to sliders, camera dollies and motion control. Each SmartSystem product is conceived, designed, built and assembled entirely in Italy. All milling operations, surface treatments, laser engraving as well as assembly and mechanical testing are carried out internally. At the same time, all electronic products, from the simplest to the most advanced, are assembled, checked and tested in our own microelectronics department. This grant, for specific products, a limited lifetime warranty for manufacturing defects. Among some of the products, it is possible to include ArmX1, a stabilization arm for video cameras with a unique design and equipped with patent-pending technology DynaSpring and XTune. With only 45mm / 1.77″ of lateral width, it is currently the slimmest stabilization arm on the market with outstanding load capabilities. Other products complete stabilizer catalog like Matrix Sleds with their modularity, Zen system with the unique 6 AXIS dual CPU design able to offer a top-notch gyro-compensated indication of horizon level, 3200nits 7″ 3G-SDI monitors specially designed for stabilizer use with the right weight/size ratio, Horizon monitor stabilizers and various mounts. About filmmaking tools, we can mention SmartSLIDER Reflex S MK2 with the unique Patented Fluid Drag system, ATOM slider with its DIY design for mirrorless cameras as well as PRO MK2 slider with its robustness, load capabilities and ultra-smooth operation. Smart3 dollies, with their three-wheel design equipped with laser pointer, offer endless possibilities in motion around subjects. All of these can be motorized thanks to DigiDRIVE Portable MK2 with its peculiarities like real-time wifi control, advanced motion trajectory planning, extended timelapse features and much more.