exhibitors 2024

MUNICH • 27-29 june • 2024

Ronford Baker Engineering Co Ltd
Stand Number:124
Address - Unit 5, Kingley Park, Station Road
Telephone 02084285941
Email ryan@ronfordbaker.co.uk
Website https://www.ronfordbaker.co.uk

Ronford Baker are manufactures of academy award winning Fluid Heads and Tripods. The product range also includes Sliders, Billet Bazookas, Track, Beams, Grip Equipment, Transit Cases, and a new range of camera and video accessories.

New for 2024 is our small Atlas Mini 7 Fluid Head. Utilising the Atlas technology and with tool less operation, the head allows fast changing of configurations and adjustable rising platforms. Available in 2-Axis, Low Rocker and 360 Rollover mode. As well as manual operation, the head has also been motorised.

Also on show is our Patented Mitchell fitting Bazooka Base which incorporates massive strength, a stable build platform, fast construction and ultra-versatility into its modular design. Fixed or Adjustable Riser options. Castor & Track Skate Wheels available.

The ‘Atlas 50S’ Fluid Head comes with increased Fluid Power and a patented counterbalance system. Suitable for camera packages up to 35Kg, incorporates 7 stages of fluid power both pan and tilt, plus ‘zero’ fluid (free) positions.

Ronford Baker Sliders including motorisation, rotating Mitchell mounts, car rigging accessories and more.

For further information please see www.ronfordbaker.co.uk