exhibitors 2023

MUNICH • 30 june – 1 JULY • 2023

qinematiq GmbH
Stand Number:1-034
Address - Millergasse 21/5, 1060 Vienna, Austria
Telephone +431595112111
Email info@qinematiq.com
Website https://www.qinematiq.com/

Qinematiq is an award winning developer and manufacturer of the most advanced range finders on the market from Vienna/Austria.

Two products will be presented: the Smart Ranger 2 combines traditional ultrasonic measurement with so called Tags (little boxes) for long distances. They work up to 80m/260ft and can be placed nearly anywhere like inside cases, behind glass or walls, etc. Two of them can be used at once.

The second product is the Focus Buddy, the first ever add-on for Cinetape and Arri UDM range finders. Connect them to the Focus Buddy and combine short and long distance measurement.

Both systems are able to help with autofocus. You can even perform focus ramps between two distance points. Switching is done with the included smartwatch which also works as readout display.

Qinematiq’s range finders are here to give the 1st AC the security he needs for even the most demanding shots.