exhibitors 2023

MUNICH • 30 june – 1 JULY • 2023

Projects Department Ltd
Stand Number:5-059
Address - 26 Woodlands Road
Telephone +441276681423
Email peter@projectsdepartment.com
Website https://projectsdepartment.com

Projects Department Ltd is a specialist independent company providing a wide range of services to the entertainment lighting industry. The core of our business is exceptional products and service. We offer consultancy, design, supply and installation services to customers all over the world, we have many years experience working together with some of the biggest names in the industry such as Sony BPE, IPE, Strand and ARRI Lighting. Our portfolio ranges from a small one camera “talking head” studio all the way up to Pinewood TV studios and YouTube Space. Each job is different to the last and we will always consider your individual needs during consultation to provide you with the best possible equipment. We work with all manufacturers of professional lighting equipment and a number of specialist television supply companies which allows us excellent flexibility and range in term of both product variety and price. As part of our service we can supply cameras, vision mixers, sound equipment and acoustic consultancy. For full details of our suppliers and services please see the appropriate section on our website. We are always on hand to advise, so please get in contact to discuss your project.

We recently started to manufacture our own lights following customer feedback that they could not find a good quality, affordable LED soft light. We developed the Element Tile range and we will have most of the range on our stand. The family is growing quickly and already there are 5 sizes and 7 options for those 5 sizes! Its like ordering lunch – Pick a size, Output colour, Power style, Control option and add your accessories.