exhibitors 2023

MUNICH • 30 june – 1 JULY • 2023

Pomfort GmbH
Stand Number: 1-007
Address - Nordenstr. 3 - 80799 Munich
Email contact@pomfort.com
Website https://pomfort.com

As part of the Sony booth, Pomfort will be presenting its most comprehensive software solutions and cloud integrations that support an efficient on-set color and data management workflow through Livegrade Studio, Silverstack Lab, and the Sony Ci Media Cloud.

Livegrade Studio will be integrated with Sony VENICE 2, allowing interactive in-camera grading on the camera’s live signal, as well as the creation of reference material. On set, this empowers cinematographers to establish their artistic intent as early as possible. With advanced instruments, such as router control, recording, and advanced grading capabilities, users can quickly and intuitively increase the quality of the visual outcome and elevate the production right from the start.

Created looks from Livegrade Studio will be transferred to the Silverstack Lab desktop application to showcase on-set data management and dailies creation tasks including offloading, backup, look and audio syncing, and simultaneous transcoding of multiple jobs. On set, the powerful features of Silverstack Lab allow for on-time dailies delivery and a steady workflow throughout the whole production.

In addition to our key on-set desktop applications, we will integrate Silverstack Lab with the Sony Ci Media Cloud as the final step in our sample on-set Sony VENICE 2 workflow. Directly uploading film set data from Silversatck Lab to Ci Media Cloud allows for prompt dailies viewing and simplifies the remote content acquisition workflow, allowing dispersed team members to participate in the post-production process.