exhibitors 2024

MUNICH • 27-29 june • 2024

POLYMA Energiesysteme GmbH
Stand Number: OS-001
Address - Alessandro-Volta-Platz 1
Telephone +49 561 2001 0
Email info@polyma.net
Website https://www.polyma.net

POLYMA ist THE manufacturer of custom build mobile power generator. We are strong in developing new equipment solutions for filing and entertainment industry. Our machines have been hand-manufactured in Kassel, Germany since 1948. We have our own vehicle construction and electric cabinet construction.
POLYMA Rent: We have a number on rental machines starting at 20 kVA up to 800kVA with diesel engine and some pure battery trailer with 30kVA.
Our newest development is the brand new Triple hybrid power generator based on battery, gas or diesel and solar-power mounted on a self-driving vehicle. Beside this we have our battery trailer for extreme silent and clean conditions at the event location.