exhibitors 2024

MUNICH • 27-29 june • 2024

Pipe Lighting GmbH
Stand Number:304
Address - Luisenweg 109
Telephone +4915129931049
Email eb@pipelighting.com
Website https://www.pipelighting.com

Pipe Lighting from Hamburg, Germany – manufacturers and distributors of LED inflatable ultra-lightweight lighting system for professional film, TV and photography. A film set generally requires a large number of different light sources, diffusors and other aids to create optimal light conditions. Numerous additional support devices and crew members are needed to install them. The development aim of Pipe Lighting was to offer a simpler, portable yet powerful solution for professional lighting use. The innovative LED lighting system consists of inflatable and thus extremely lightweight elements in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. When they are not inflated, and folded away, the lighting system is so compact that it is easy to carry and takes up very little space when stored. This low weight and extreme versatility mean the lighting elements can be used in a wide range of shooting conditions, even complex situations. This also includes shoots under water or in the rain as the processing technology ensures the device is completely sealed. The inflated lighting elements can furthermore be attached to any commonly used mounting device thanks to a universal mounting system. Despite its innovative technology, Pipe Lighting is thus a seamless fit for all common standards currently in use on film sets across the globe. The white side of the exterior casing functions as an integrated diffusor for the built-in light source – similar to a softbox – and produces pleasant, soft illumination. The colour temperature and light output can be adjusted as required and controlled via a dimmable mains adaptor. A self-cooling system increases mobility and, at the same time, reduces weight. The LED light sources inside the elements and the volume of air they contain are arranged in such a way that heat is dissipated evenly and sufficiently to ensure no additional cooler or ventilator is needed. “This is an all-round powerful lighting system that is highly portable and functional,” was the jurors’ verdict. They were not only impressed by the innovative technology and the resulting light weight but also by the system’s cost-conscious design.