exhibitors 2024

MUNICH • 27-29 june • 2024

MovieTech AG
Stand Number:203, 300
Address - Martin-Kollar-Straße 9
Telephone +49894368913
Email info@movietech.de
Website https://movietech.de

Grips are certainly the backbone of each film set. Ever since MovieTech was founded – back in 1993 – it is our goal to serve exactly those demands: manufacturing premium camera-support-systems for professional moviemakers all around the globe, which do not want to compromise on safety, quality and usability.
We take pride in ensuring that quality remains our top priority. Every step of our production process, from precision CNC machining to meticulous welding and final assembly, is executed in-house, dedicated to crafting reliable products for our customers around the world.
MTS Media Technical System – another daughter company of MovieTech with already more than a 20 years
of experience in designing and manufacturing premium quality lighting suspension for stage and studio. With
projects worldwide MTS is proud to be a part of the biggest broadcasting companies in the world, which also
proves the high-quality of its products and services.