exhibitors 2023

MUNICH • 30 june – 1 JULY • 2023

Movie Tech
Stand Number:1-036
Address - Martin-Kollar-Straße 9
Telephone +49 (0) 89 – 43 68 91 3
Email l.rudyk@movietech.de
Website https://movietech.de

For over 25 years, MovieTech has been a trusted source for reliable and high-quality grip equipment. We’ve been committed to providing industry-standard equipment that has been a staple on numerous film sets across the globe. MovieTech takes pride in our flagship product, the Magnum Dolly – a testament to German precision engineering, celebrated for its exceptional reliability and performance. This unique product is just the tip of the iceberg in MovieTech’s broad array of professional-grade film set equipment. Our collection expands to include an extensive range of camera cranes, lightweight dollies, sliders and accessories, each designed to facilitate and enhance your filming experience
At MovieTech, our approach is collaborative and customer-centric. We continuously engage with end users and rental companies ensuring we understand the evolving needs of the industry and adapt our products accordingly. We are committed to providing effective solutions, ensuring minimal interruptions and downtime on sets. Moreover, our maintenance and rapid repair services exemplify our dedication to customer service.
We also offer an extensive range of compatible accessories, designed to maximize the functionality and versatility of our products. This means our customers can achieve a broad array of applications with just a few devices.
Although based in Munich, our reach is global. With a wide network of dealers and distributors, you can find MovieTech equipment on film sets worldwide. Our commitment to quality and reliability has made us a trusted name in the industry.
Our products are the embodiment of German quality, crafted to endure the rigors of any production environment and ensure longevity. At MovieTech, we create not just equipment, but solutions that keep the camera moving smoothly, no matter where in the world you’re filming.