exhibitors 2024

MUNICH • 27-29 june • 2024

MKV Omega Ltd
Stand Number:
Address - Depleach Hall, Wilmslow Road, Cheadle, Cheshire, SK8 1DR
Telephone 0161 850 0658 +44(0)7950704446
Email ashley@mk-v.com
Website https://www.mk-v.com

When they Said “Roll Cameras”we took them literally when we invented “The AR Stabilising & Rotating Cage” for Steadicam Systems over 20 years ago. In 2005 we were awarded the BSC Bert Easy Technical award for the advancement of Steadicam for the AR. Come and see what we’ve been up to since then and try the Lastest in Camera Stabilisation at the MK-V Experience. We will be showing our Lastest Omega AR technology. You can get your hands on the Talk of the Town the all new “The Level”, the Tiffen 2” Volt adaptation and our new innovation “AR Operator Vision” together with “Set Simulator” our Practical Pre-Visualisation Software now running on the Apple OS platform as well as Microsoft Windows. There will be an opportunity for you to fly our Latest Sled and the AR together to achieve the Ultimate Package in Body Worn Camera Stabilisation.