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MUNICH • 27-29 june • 2024

Matthews Studio Equipment, Inc.
Stand Number:502
Address - 4520 W Valerio Street; Burbank, CA 91505
Telephone +1 (818) 843-6715
Email info@msegrip.com
Website https://www.msegrip.com

Matthews Studio Equipment is the Original Hollywood Grip Company. We invented the Combo Stand and the very first Sliding Leg C-Stand. We work directly with industry professionals on set and on location to make equipment that serves your needs. We are proud to manufacture in Burbank, CA and we have set the standard for quality, investment-grade grip equipment used all over the world.

Grip Rail is the World’s First Telescoping Speed Pipe for sustainable rigging of cameras, lights, backdrops, rag frames, and in candle stick mode. Grip Rail comes in two adjustable lengths – from 64cm – 107cm and 101cm – 183cm, and is available in the standard 48mm diameter, with multiple lock off points via grub screw and a Jr Receiver on one end.

Middle MAX Menace Arm allows for booming 36kg extended 3.66m parallel to the ceiling from a compact base; Middle MAX has a max height of 5.49m and will go 1.83m below grade. Just like the larger MAX Menace Arm, Middle MAX tucks neatly into a corner and counterbalances weight via two posts securely attached to the base for standard weight plates.

Air Climber is the tallest stand in the world at 7.62m with 90kg full capacity, operated with any standard air compressor and easily transportable in truck or van. Air Climber pairs easily with Litemover, a Universal Remote Head that allows for remote pan and tilt, and flood/spot, with compatibility with DMX, WDMX, RDM, or basic hand control.

Matthews University provides grip and rigging education as well as techniques for more complex setups. With videos on anything from how to open a combo stand to different knots and rope care. Our aim is to provide information and ensure any and all grip equipment is used safely. With proper care Matthews gear will last for decades. Should any Matthews equipment become damaged, all parts are replaceable and our repair department can guide you through the process. Visit www.youtube.com/matthewsgrip.