exhibitors 2024

MUNICH • 27-29 june • 2024

Stand Number:234
Address -
Website https://www.thelightbridge.com/

Lightbridge brings a “Light Experience” to Euro Cine. The Cine Reflect Lighting system CRLS offers uncanny ability to produce targeted, spill-free, diffused light, capable of subtle nuances like nothing else. Only Lightbridge Precision Reflectors feature superior quality, proprietary coated surfaces that reflect 97% of light hitting them, with 100% color rendering. A choice of five Cine Reflector surfaces: Diff 0 Mirror, Diff 1 Punch Black, Diff 2 blue Sky, Diff 3 Ambient Violet, and Diff 4 Super White, act as the key light delivering spill-free diffused output. Add your fixture of choice and get a natural look in light and shadow. New C-Move Core kit is an uncompromised collection of the most requested Precision Reflectors and accessories, that fits in the waterproof ultra-organized padded Movebag which houses everything needed. Visit https://www.thelightbridge.com/vision/ and connect with creative imagemakers who are finding ways to unleash the powers of natural lighting.