exhibitors 2023

MUNICH • 30 june – 1 JULY • 2023

Licht-Technik Vertriebs GmbH
Stand Number:2-015
Address - Kapellenstraße 8, 85622 Feldkirchen
Telephone +49893605280
Email info@licht-technik.com
Website https://www.licht-technik.com

In self development and individual production are built motorized yokes, color changers, dimmer-shutters, Bag-o-Light and modular light-systems – just to name a few -, which are well-tried in professional use worldwide and have already got a few awards for innovation and quality.

Our products were designed on the base of customers motivation and ideas. Experiences in daily work at the customer and our rental department. Also today, new ideas from practical work are implemented in our devices.

For many years, the endowment of cinema- and tv-films, commercials, events and big-stage-events with light-technology and skilled staff is realized by the crew of the rental-area.

You can find us in Feldkirchen near Munich.

We are very flexible because of the own development department and can help the customers with special wishes and ideas.