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MUNICH • 30 june – 1 JULY • 2023

kemama GmbH & CoKG
Stand Number: 3-002
Address - Roonstraße 61
Telephone +491782169887
Email judith@kemama.de
Website https://www.kemama.de

Filmhybrid 30/ 60
Electric vehicle and mobile power supply

kemama has developed a completely new and innovative power supply system for film and TV productions.
We have transformed a BEV (battery electric vehicle) into a power supply system that combines different energy resources in a unique way.

Operating principle
The key element is the electric vehicle’s large 110 kWh battery, which is used to drive the vehicle and to operate the inverters.

In addition, the inverters have a phase balancing function. This means that the three phases of a possible mains feed are loaded evenly, even if the phases an the output side are loaded asymmetrically.

The FH30/60 has enough energy an board to continuously supply 30KW for a 10-hour shooting day. The peak continuous power is 60KW.

kemama GmbH Co KG is located in Cologne, Germany

Key technical data and vehicle features
■ Vehicle range: 360 miles/600 km (under realistic conditions, optional range extender)
■ Total weight: 4,250 kg
■ Battery capacity: 110 kWh
■ Proven and robust battery technology: LiFeP04 (lithium iron phosphate)
■ Inverter power: 60 kW,
three phases 20 kW each (3x 24 kVA)
■ Range extender: 20 kVA
(15 kW continuous operation)
C. A.RE. fuel (tank capacity: 70 1)
EU Stage V emission standards
■ Grid connections can be integrated;
AC feed-in up to 32 A 3P,
also Type 2 charging station
■ Phase balancing with AC feed-in
(the three input phases are loaded equally)
■ Intelligent control in automatic mode follows priority:
1. External power
2. Battery
3. Range extender

Uninterrupted transfer between various operating modes

■ Photovoltaic powers the hybrid controller and the vehicle’s electrical system
■ The Film Hybrid 30/60 can be used as a Class A UPS, e.g. for emergency lighting, public address System at events, etc.