exhibitors 2023

MUNICH • 30 june – 1 JULY • 2023

IB/E optics GmbH
Stand Number: 1-001
Address - Passauer Straße 13, 94078 Freyung
Telephone 08551 9998030
Email info@ibe-optics.com
Website https://www.ibe-optics.com

IB/E optics is a designer, manufacturer and service provider of customized optics in the field of image acquisition, projection and illumination. Our developments and products are used worldwide in industry, medicine, photography and professional film production.

Apart from developing and creating cine products consisting of the RAPTOR Primes and the RAPTOR Macro Lens Series as well as an extensive array of optical tools and adapters, IB/E optics has collaborated with many renowned manufacturers on numerous projects, most notably, Tribe7 on the development and manufacture of the Blackwing7 lenses and ARRI Rental on the development and manufacture of the Prime DNA, Prime 65S, and Prime 65 lenses for the ALEXA 65.