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MUNICH • 27-29 june • 2024

Green Toolkit
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Address - Im Dau 13, 50678 Köln
Telephone +491714122142
Email roman@greentoolkit.com
Website https://www.gruener-werkzeugkasten.de/en/green-toolkit/

Green Producing with Green Toolkit
Your innovative solution for a more sustainable future in productions and events! Our tool is versatile. Whether it’s for TV films, series, documentaries or feature films or for the organization of sustainable events and festivals – our tool offers customized solutions that reduce environmental impact, create efficient workflows, optimize processes and ensure that your ecological goals are achieved.
Our Tool
With our flexible and customizable toolset, you can accurately record and calculate relevant CO2 emissions. Our software provides globally valid CO2 data and includes CO2 benchmarks for various formats/events as well as CO2 compensation.
We recommend effective measures to reduce environmental impact and offer a valid verification and testing system. Our tool, which has already been successfully used in over 350 productions and events, integrates seamlessly into the workflows of various types of production. In addition, our platform offers a unique connection to “green suppliers” to make your productions and events more sustainable in every respect.
A Streamlined Software Solution for Green Producing.
Your production and event work will become more efficient and environmentally friendly.
-Project comprehensive dashboard to maintain an overview in all situations.
-Receive information material on green suppliers and measures directly in the Green Toolkit Software.
-Required green reporting becomes child’s play. Full digital integration of the most important final reports. worldwide
-Each crew member is given individual operability and access, while data protection is always guaranteed.
-Easy Data Collection without being logged in to the Software. Live CO2e Emissions Tracking. Worldwide certified Sources.

The GreenToolkit
is making a significant contribution to the sustainable transformation of the film industry through its innovation in the field of climate and environmental protection and, above all, with regard to the uniform, nationwide ecological standards. The first Iso-14067 based on a movie was awarded with the second Eisvogel Award for the most sustainable Production in 2024 at the Federal Ministry for the Environment.
The result is a broad and differentiated database that can be analyzed. The benchmarking that this makes possible means that it is possible to switch from activity-driven to target-value-driven requirement systems.
This gives everyone involved greater flexibility in implementing their own sustainability efforts. The achievement of sustainability goals can be objectively verified. And feasible!