exhibitors 2023

MUNICH • 30 june – 1 JULY • 2023

Stand Number: 2-021
Address - Dieter-Streng-Straße 7, 90766 Fürth
Telephone 09114776870
Email h.krug@transcontinenta.de
Website https://www.transcontinenta.de/de/marken/godox.html

Founded in 1993, GODOX has grown to become an expert in lighting equipment and an innovator in equipment for photographers, videographers, filmmakers and others. Driven by a mission to provide great lighting and audio solutions, Godox has consistently pushed the boundaries of technology and continues to bring professional products to market for the industry.

Godox benefits from a pool of creative talent in R&D, design, sales and management to achieve sustainable success. These resources enable us to develop new products every year to keep pace with the market. Godox will continue to increase its investment in innovation to take it to the next level and continuously add value to the industry and society at large. We will continue to offer products that combine advanced technology with dynamic design.