exhibitors 2024

MUNICH • 27-29 june • 2024

Egripment Camera Support
Stand Number:238
Address - Machineweg 22
Telephone +31294253988
Email sales@egripment.nl
Website https://egripmant.nl

Award Winning Egripment founded in 1976, has a long reputation of manufacturing a wide range of camera support and robotics for Film & Broadcast, for sale or rentals, to TV productions, concerts and sporting events across the globe.

With a product line that includes CRANES (telescopic), TOWERCAMS, REMOTE HEADS, DOLLIES & TRACKS for Cinema, Modern Size Smaller cameras and ENG Broadcast cameras, Egripment is the only manufacturer that can offer adequate supply and service for events requiring large quantities of special camera support equipment.

Egripment’s ongoing research and development programs, combined with its strict control due to the inhouse production, ensure that all of its products are not only the very latest in design, but also are manufactured to meet the highest international safety standards.

Egripment’s range of products includes Camera Cranes, Remote Controlled Pan and Tilt Heads, Camera Dollies, Mobile platforms and Tracking systems.

Egripment’s Solutions for Virtual and Augmented Reality as well as Studio Automation makes Egripment the most versatile camera support manufacturers nowadays.