exhibitors 2024

MUNICH • 27-29 june • 2024

Stand Number:216
Address - Machtlfingerstr. 21, DoPchoice GmbH
Telephone +491772340803
Email stefan@dopchoice.com
Website https://dopchoice.com

DoPchoice helps cinematographers get smoother, softer, more directional, and controllable output and provides a fresh take on light refining accessories for the world’s top light fixtures. Known for their SNAPBAGS, SNAPGRIDS, SNAPBOXES, Rabbit-Ears, and Rabbit-Rounder mounting accessories, they’re ready with solutions for existing and new LED lights, including new perfect fit solutions for Litepanels Astra IP, and super soft indirect diffusion for 1×2 Panels.

Demonstrating a fresh take on the popular SNAPBAG® snap-up softbox, DoPchoice’s new design for Litepanels ASTRA IP features a unique tulip shape that makes the most of the Astra’s capabilities to help set up, elevate light quality, offer amplification, and optimize creative control. The SNAPBAG eliminates the need for skeletal ribs or rods due to its novel parabolic curve architecture combined with DoPchoice’s proprietary Snapshape® material. Sleek tulip walls, together with the fixture’s flat yoke, enhances maneuverability and affords 30° greater downwards tilt angle. The silver reflective interior intensifies output while for additional direction control, a direct-fit 40º SNAPGRID, and various diffusions can be added to further diffuse the light.

For popular 1×2 Panels, DoPchoice presents the SNAPBAG AIRGLOW. AIRGLOW offers unique inflatable technology to create a simpler answer to booklight-style illumination well suited for fixtures such as the Creamsource Vortex8 and Vortex8 Soft, ARRI Skypanel X21 and S60 Classic, and most similar sized fixtures. Once outfitted with the AIRGLOW, an LED panel transforms to offer a bigger, super soft source, without a hard defined shadow. Adding AIRGLOW to a panel simplifies the setup to a single, easily repositioned fixture, which can be oriented horizontally or vertically. Lightweight and quick to set up, it eliminates the need for extra stands, leaving a smaller footprint on busy sets.

Look out for the new Snapbridge Glide Kit, designed with a white, soft mode and dark, negative fill mode to add unique spill control for the Lightbridge Precision Reflector. By adding a soft DoPchoice bounce around the Lightbridge Precision Reflector, the Snapbridge helps create a soft, beautiful light source that offers full creative control and the ability to add a soft but punchy look, without bulky gear. The ready-to-go kit features: a Snapbridge 5-foot Shallow, one each 50×50 Lightbridge DIFF2 and DIFF3 Precision Reflector, one Speedbag 50, one C-Wheel Receiver, one Grip Bag, one Lightbridge 16mm Extension, and Cleaning Cloth.

Also showcased will be DoPchoice’s popular RABBIT-EARS adapter, FAT-RABBIT, line of SNAPBAGS, Domes, Lanterns, SNAPGRIDS, and more.