exhibitors 2024

MUNICH • 27-29 june • 2024

Dedo Weigert Film GmbH
Stand Number:Hall 2, Booth 110-114
Address - Karl-Weinmair-Str. 10 80807 München
Telephone +491716236430
Email ialmany@dedoweigertfilm.de
Website https://www.dedoweigertfilm.de

Introducing Dedolight Neo

For focusing Dedolight LED systems, we show Neo. One ballast supports 34 different focusing Dedolight LED lights. Dimming smooth to 0.01%. All DMX versions on board. Wireless control.

Dedolight Neo Color: RGB-ACL, no single white LED involved. Best color space. An app offers incredible control, even instant synchronization in virtual production.

Dedolight Lightstream, the world of reflected light, not only the widest choice of reflectors with new added features. The unique ability of “infinity lighting” simulating natural light seemingly deriving from outside the studio.
Parallel beam lights with unprecedented efficiency now also with 2.5 kW with extraordinary performance.

Parallel beam optics for 50 different focusing Dedolights, magic enhancement of output (+500%), bringing us to the top of the heap I media ecology.
With Dedolight Lightstream and Dedolight optics on multicolor lights, the best choice for credible images in virtual productions