exhibitors 2024

MUNICH • 27-29 june • 2024

cmotion GmbH
Stand Number:
Address - Biedermanngasse 28, 1120 Vienna, Austria
Telephone +43178910960
Email sales@cmotion.eu
Website https://cmotion.eu/

Founded in 2002, cmotion have created some of the most innovative and advanced lens and camera control solutions for film, TV and live broadcast.
Our dedicated team of developers embrace the latest technology to offer exceptional functionality, unrivalled ergonomics, and reassuring build quality to optimise both performance and reliability on set.
Backed by a highly qualified and experienced after-sales service and support team in Vienna, Austria, and our global service partners, cmotion is committed to “keep you rolling”.
cmotion’s design characteristics are not only appreciated by a growing global community of focus pullers, DIT’s and DP’s but have also been acknowledged by industry committees and academies, presenting cmotion with several international accolades and awards.

In 2023, cmotion established a new power division and introduced the Mainstation MST1. Developed to eliminate daily power challenges faced by the camera department, MST1 is the first high-load, ultra compact on-set power solution providing 3 fundamental devices in one: Power Source Manager, Power Converter and Smart Charger. Already the recipient of The NAB Show 2023 Technical Award, this unique future proof product offers 5 hot-swappable modular inputs, 6 regulated outputs (up to 1000W) and a 3 bay battery charger with exchangeable battery plates.