exhibitors 2023

MUNICH • 30 june – 1 JULY • 2023

Stand Number:306
Address - St.-Martin-Str. 7, 8
Telephone +491766902267
Email sales@cinetica.org
Website https://cinetica.org/en/nutron

The young Munich-based manufacturer of grip and film equipment (Cinetica) has set itself no less a goal than to establish a new standard in the camera movement toolbox with its innovation, the NU.TRON. The NU.TRON is a purely mechanical tool that offers the operator a weightless and shake-free camera.

The NU.TRON is a multitool that can be combined with many systems and thus offers a special variety of applications.

The enormous range of camera movements combined with the quick and easy set-up offers an increase in efficiency for any set. At the same time, working with the NU.TRON means the greatest possible ergonomic relief for the user.

Intuitive and hand-guided, it is a system without any electronic barriers and limitations – no remote, no bullshit!

An absolutely reliable tool with the highest quality standards developed and produced in Munich.

All in all, the NU.TRON offers more freedom for the user’s creative work.

To experience the magic of the NU.TRON you have to take the NU.TRON in your hand and test the camera movement with it yourself. Come to our stand and take the opportunity to try out the NU.TRON yourself.