exhibitors 2024

MUNICH • 27-29 june • 2024

Cineo Lighting
Stand Number:406
Address - 3225 N Nevada Street
Telephone 818.777.1814
Email info@cineolighting.com
Website https://cineolighting.com/

Cineo Lighting, a leader in innovative lighting technology, returns to Euro Cine Expo 2024 to showcase their latest LED lighting innovation, the Cineo Reflex R10.

Expanding the Reflex series of LED production lighting and weighing in at just 57 lbs., the Cineo Reflex R10 utilizes Cineo’s patented liquid cooling and leading-edge LED technology to provide users with an IP X5-rated fixture. It replaces legacy HMI and tungsten lights, all in one sleek, durable package. In addition to its compact size, the Reflex R10 also features a first for Cineo – a modular design that allows for the easy replacement of the Bi-color LED tower with any future upgrades. Cineo will offer hands-on, interactive experiences with the R10, Quantum II, LB800, and Quantum Studio at Stand 406, providing the opportunity for guests to learn about all Cineo products in a stylish setting.

Cineo’s innovation continues beyond lighting fixtures in this year’s stand with a showcase of the Cineo StageLynx OS and App. With the click of a button, the easy-to-use Cineo StageLynx automatically detects Cineo fixtures on set when activated, allowing the user to configure a network of multiple Cineo lights.

Don’t miss Cineo at Euro Cine Expo Stand 406!