exhibitors 2024

MUNICH • 27-29 june • 2024

Chrosziel GmbH
Stand Number: 615
Address - Otto-Hahn-Str. 12-14, 85521 Ottobrunn, Germany
Telephone +49 89 901091 0
Email sales@chrosziel.com
Website https://www.chrosziel.com

Fast forward to today. Chrosziel innovates, designs and builds the very best professional camera equipment and lens testing instrument solutions in the marketplace. Our products are now being used around the clock and around the world by working professionals.


Chrosziel and Denz have always had a lot in common. Both companies were founded in the early 1970s. Both founders not only gave their companies names, but were real “heads of character”. Both companies helped shape the world of film technology from their Munich base with their innovative and high-quality products. And both companies were eventually passed on to new hands by their founders. And so it is only logical that since the end of April both companies have been united under one roof. The aim is to combine the concentrated development competence and to expand the precision manufacturing of the products “Made in Germany” even further. To appear together on the market and to bring new developments to series maturity even faster. To give the talents in their ranks a larger home and to further shape the world of film technology.