exhibitors 2023

MUNICH • 30 june – 1 JULY • 2023

Stand Number:4-011
Address - Larenseweg 121, 1221 CL Hilversum, The Netherlands
Telephone 0031 35 6233 707
Email info@casecart.nl
Website https://casecart.nl/

Introducing CaseCart: the ultimate fusion of a hard case and production cart, offering ample storage space for a fully rigged camera-set or drone setup.

Born out of frustration with the burdensome task of lugging multiple items on a shoot, especially when accompanied by a production cart, CaseCart aims to streamline your workflow. Say goodbye to precious time wasted on assembling and dismantling production carts and the hassle of extra transportation.

With CaseCart, the possibilities are endless. Customize it to suit your needs: transform it into a data handling cart, a drone cart, a power cart, a camera kit cart, a craft service cart, or anything else you require for your production.

The cart comes equipped with four 10″ wheels that are easily detachable. Conveniently, the wheels fit snugly on the top shelf, eliminating the need for separate storage. Two wheels offer complete 360-degree rotation with brakes, while the remaining two are straight. Additionally, two handles are provided for effortless transportation of the entire case.

Exciting developments are also in the pipeline, including a top drawer, mast/pole for mounting monitors and camera plates, storage troughs, cable hooks, and a corner plug compatible with both 28 mm pins and baby pins.

Experience the convenience and versatility of CaseCart—a game-changer for your production needs.