exhibitors 2024

MUNICH • 27-29 june • 2024

betteries AMPS GmbH
Stand Number:
Address - Goerzallee 299, 14167 Berlin, Germany
Telephone (+49) 030 754387440
Email info@betteries.com
Website https://betteries.com

betteries offers mobile energy solutions, fully embracing the principles of a circular economy. Its latest product addition is a 15 kVA power solution, the AC Dock 15000 PV, ideal to replace 11/22 kVA fuel-based generators. The AC Dock 15000 PV can be powered by 8 (=18 kWh) or 12 (=27 kWh capacity) betterPacks, already pre-installed on a grid box for easy transport. With 27 kWh, you can power an Arri M18 for 9.8 hours or 3 CreamSource Vortex 8 for 11.5 hours.

Due to its near-silent operations, operators can place the system closer to the set. The system’s robustness and high IP rating (IP 54) allow operation in most weathers. Charging options include grid or solar PV.

The system’s advanced connectivity allows customers to get live data on the betteries App as well as detailed reporting on consumption and CO2 avoidance through the betteries platform.

+49 30-754387440