exhibitors 2023

MUNICH • 30 june – 1 JULY • 2023

Stand Number:5-040
Address - De Strubbenweg 15
Telephone +31 (0)36 202 2396
Email info.eu@aputure.com
Website https://www.aputure.com/

amaran – with a lowercase a – became a standalone company in 2021, when its big brother Aputure decided it was time for amaran to move forward on its own. amaran is a manufacturer of lighting equipment for novice and intermediate filmmakers and photographers; content creators who are ballin’ on a budget and love to share their work in their digital space. amaran doesn’t only supply the tools for the trade, but is also on a mission to teach young filmmakers and creators more about the usage and importance of film lighting in general. Take a look at @amaran.europe on Instagram and TikTok to get a taste of what this exhibitor is up to!