exhibitors 2024

MUNICH • 27-29 june • 2024

Achtel Pty Limited
Stand Number:500
Address - 10 Montrivale Rise, Dynnyrne, Tasmania 7005, Australia
Telephone +61407472747
Email pawel.achtel@24x7.com.au
Website https://www.achtel.com

Achtel Pty Limited is Australian based company specialising in Immersive Cinematography for IMAX®, Sphere and Dome Theatre, Giant Screen, VFX, Virtual Production and VR. We provide broad range of production services on land sea and underwater.
We also make, sell and rent 9×7 Digital Cinema Cameras and lenses designed for ultra-high resolution capture of immersive content up to 18.7K x 14K resolution – the highest commercially available cinema camera producing images far beyond any other digital or film camera, including IMAX 15-perf 70mm film.