exhibitors 2024

MUNICH • 27-29 june • 2024

2EyeTec GmbH
Stand Number: 408
Address - Paulsdorfferstraße 34
Telephone +498968019684
Email mail@2eyetec.com
Website https://www.2EyeTec.com

2EyeTec – Camera accessories by ACs for ACs.

Founded by two 1st ACs, the focus is on incorporating set experience into development and creating products that make work on set easier.

This year, 2EyeTec is presenting several Modular Power Solutions for V-Mount and B-Mount. These new products offer a variety of solutions to power cinema equipment such as focus stations, video setups, and full camera rigs. The lineup includes battery plates with enhanced mounting options, as well as full-blown battery belts and vests with load-sharing and hot-swap capabilities.

The portfolio comprises various mounting brackets for video transceivers, a series of compact DC distributors, and other power supply solutions, as well as all types of cables needed on and around the camera.

Additionally, as the manufacturer of the products for filmklappen.de, 2EyeTec showcases a selection of custom-designed clapperboards at the stand.