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Euro Cine Expo Symposium programme now confirmed

Jun 4, 2024

Explore the future of film and TV production in Munich from Friday 28th – Saturday 29th June 2024

Running alongside Euro Cine Expo, Europe’s leading Expo for the Film and TV industry, Euro Cine Expo Symposium promises to be a groundbreaking event in the world of cinematography. 

With over 35 sessions to attend over 2 days in 3 theatres, attendees will have the unique opportunity to learn from industry giants such as Oscar-winner Dion Beebe ACS ASC (Memoirs Of A Geisha), Fabian Wagner ASC BSC (Game Of Thrones), Claire Pijman NCS, Birgit Gudjonsdottir, Roberto Schaefer ASC AIC, Christian Wieberg-Neilsen FNF, Tim Kang and many more. 

These renowned Directors of Photography, Colourists, Producers, and Gaffers will share their insights and experiences, culminating in an unmissable event.

Attendees can look forward to seminars like “Mastering Visual Storytelling” with Dion Beebe ACS ASC, “Innovative Cinematic Techniques” by Fabian Wagner ASC BSC, and “The Future of Film Lighting” with Bojana Andric SAS. Additionally, Maria Teresa Medina will lead a session on “Sustainable Cinematography Practices,” while Elen Lotman ESC and Birgit Gudjonsdottir will present “Collaborative Techniques in Filmmaking.” 

These sessions provide a comprehensive learning experience, ensuring participants leave with valuable insights and practical knowledge to apply in their work. 

ITC will curate part of the Euro Cine Expo symposium and will share this great opportunity with the IMAGO Education Committee (IEC) and the CITO, research group which has launched the international Cinematography Journal, platform for sharing knowledge on cinematography.

The ITC has invited the ICLS (International Cinema Lighting Society) with famous international gaffers for a special panel on LEDs and The Solid State Lighting Index.

Together the committees will be presenting a diverse program of 17 conferences and panels, highlighting the strong link between the ITC, Euro Cine Expo, and Cinematography World magazine.  Three presentation rooms will be dedicated to high end technical hands-on and discussions with international speakers: directors, actors, colourists, gaffers, scientists and of course cinematographers coming from more than 12 countries.


Seminar topics will include for the ITC:

  • Challenges of Mixed Reality
  • Automated Metadata; The Last Place to Look for Saving Money
  • Understanding Judder in Motion Imaging
  • Image Based Lighting – IBL
  • Gaffers & Cinematographers Facing Leds – SSI – The Solid State Lighting Index
  • The VFX Challenge of Comandante
  • Shooting 35mm Film for Virtual Production: WHAT YOU DON’T SEE
  • AMPAS – New ACES 2.0
  • Resolution And Image Quality in Immersive Cinema (And Giant Screen)
  • The Creative Triangle: Relationship Between Actors, Directors and Cinematographers
  • High Dynamic Range – HDR – What Was That Again?
  • Laser Projection Vs Xenon Projection
  • The Many Aspects of Aspect Ratio
  • AI and The Movie Community


Seminar topics will include for the IEC:

  • Choosing Colours for Better Integration of The Virtual and Physical Worlds – Utilizing Personal Colour Analysis for Cinematographers
  • Presentation Of a Pedagogical Sequence – INSAS Brussels IEC
  • Introduction to the On-Line Journal:  CInemaTOgraphy in Progress

The Symposium Programme will run alongside the Euro Cine Expo, showcasing the latest products and technologies from around the world, from Thursday 27th – Saturday 29th June. 

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