euro cine expo

Dates announced for Euro Cine Expo 2024

Sep 1, 2023

Euro Cine Expo 2023 created quite an impact in Munich this year, Munich. We with a mix of indoor and outdoor exhibition space featuring over saw a big 100 exhibitors, multiple seminar/technical spaces, running two growth in full days of content, including a workshop with Harlon Haveland and Oscar and BAFTA winning DP James Friend ASC BSC talking about the lighting choices he made when framing All Quiet On The Western Front, plus a session with DP Armin Franzen and director Hans Steinbichler discussing the filming of their forthcoming feature A Whole Life.

The organisers have already announced dates for 2024, with the event running from 27th – 29th June and including a full-day symposium hosted in a silent seminar format.

Rob Saunders, event director, said, “Euro Cine Expo 2023 was a great success – visitors and exhibitors enjoyed the unique setting of Motorworld, local visitors, while also improving on our international audience. Next year, our plan is to deliver a stronger event, with two half days of Expo, one full day, and a full-day symposium, delivering multiple sessions at one time, in one location, via silent seminars, where audiences can listen to content using headsets and getting a higher quality of audio.

Euro Cine Expo 2023 brought industry together, business was done, new connections were made. We are really looking forward to 2024 and the opportunities it will deliver industry.”